Football or basketball for Vick

Derrius Vick will no doubt be one of the better two-sport stars this year in the Husker state. That's both a gift and a bit of a burden. Playing basketball and football at the same time in college usually isn't a combination you see. So, that could leave Vick with a choice. It's a good choice, but now he has offers in both sports, so the decision is starting to loom a bit larger nowadays.

Prior to last week the choice was probably a simple one for Lincoln Southeast's Derrius Vick.

After all, he had three offers for basketball, coming from North and South Dakota State along with one from Colorado State. But now he is holding an offer for the other sport which he seems equally gifted. "Ohio offered me to play quarterback for them," Vick said.

OK, that's a bit of a problem. A nice problem to be sure, but still a problem.

You have in one hand, basketball, a sport which Derrius has played since he could play anything at all. But then there is football, which offers potentially a better chance of playing and if one were inclined to look beyond the collegiate level, the numbers work far better in your advantage on the gridiron than they do the hardwood.

It's a topic which has been wore out for him, basically. But as he involves himself more into the game of football, he's found himself liking it more and more. And his recent performance at the Husker QB Academy is a testament to that. "I think I won two out of the five competitions. I won one of the drills where you throw at the nets, and then the long-ball, where I threw it 59 yards," he said.

In addition to that, Derrius said that he ran right around a 4.3 in the pro agility, which even if you are a 6-2 athlete with offers for both basketball and football, is still pretty darn good.

Football is starting to heat up.

"It was a lot of fun just because a lot of top quarterbacks were there. I did well on my footwork," Vick said. "Coach Watson said he liked how I played, and he said I could be an outstanding athlete in either sport. He said I just had to pick a sport."

The recent offer from Ohio as a quarterback, certainly makes a bold statement for football. But it still comes back to what he knows. "Some people say I am better at football, but in basketball, it just feels so natural. I feel like I can dominate," he said. "I enjoy football, but I just love basketball. I am starting to enjoy football more, but I have been playing basketball my whole life."

As far as Nebraska, it comes down to that choice. They certainly seem to have some interest, and it seems to becoming from both of the sports. But it's something that as of right now Vick can't pin down in his own mind.

He'll have only basketball to think about the rest of the Summer, though, as AAU starts, which means he's hitting the road with his team. It won't be until his final season of prep football is over that when he'll sit down and think about it. You can bet that if more schools come onto the scene offering him for football, that's going to go a long ways into his mind-set about his future. And if Nebraska offers him as a quarterback, perhaps more still.

"It would be big. I mean, the first offer was great, and I have talked to the coaches at Ohio quite a bit. I know they have some good people," he said. "But I guess if more offers come for football, I might have to think even more about it. I don't know. It's hard to imagine not playing basketball. I guess we'll have to see."

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