French plans to see NU

He's a tight end. He's a wide receiver. He's a defensive end. He's a linebacker. Christian French has heard them all and continues to hear them. He says that his offers are split about 50-50 when it comes to his offers and playing either offense or defense. French really just wants to make the best decision for him, but that isn't possible until he takes some visits.

Christian French is a busy man. It's out of bed early every day for the first of two practices that he will have before noon that day. It's just a day in the summer life of French.

"I have been doing a lot of work outs," French said. "We have practice at 6:30 in the morning for football. That is from 6:30 to until 8:00 every morning.

"Then around 8:30 until about 10:00 every morning I have basketball practice. There is a lot of work during the summer. It's been going real good."

French has some things that he has wanted to work on this summer. A new offense is requiring him to learn the plays of not just one position, but two. All of that and his plays on defense.

"I am working on my footwork a lot. I played a little receiver last year, but not a lot, and with a new offense I will be playing tight end and wide receiver plus on defense.

"So really I have to play three positions this year. On defense I am more of a hybrid linebacker/outside linebacker. On offense I will play receiver and tight end."

There isn't really a consensus from the colleges of where French is projected to play the most. He says that it's split down the middle by position and also side of the football.

"It's pretty much been as a receiver or as an outside linebacker. It's really 50-50 on the offers on either side of the ball and mostly those two positions.

"I would love to play offense, but I would rather be in a position that would make me the most successful. I like offense, but I am open to playing defense too."

There are plans that are coming up for French to take some trips, but he hasn't taken any yet. He is looking at some schools that are there for him to drive to this summer.

"I haven't taken any trips yet, but I am planning some. I am planning on taking trips to schools that are a day's drive, like Nebraska, and other schools like that.

"Of course there is Iowa and Iowa State that I will get over to see that are just down the street. I will try and get over to see Notre Dame too. I don't have any dates on any of the schools."

The Nebraska visit will come either next month or the month after. The Huskers like French on defense and when you say Nebraska to French with now he can say two words right back to you: Ndamukong Suh.

"I think that Nebraska is going to be at the end of July or the beginning of August. Nebraska likes me as either an outside linebacker or a hybrid.

"They had Ndamukong Suh come out of there last year. They have the tools and coaching skills to put you in the best position possible to be successful.

"Also with them moving over the Big 10 is exciting for them to break in a new conference. It opens up a new chapter in Nebraska football."

The Nebraska coaches are pairing up on French to hit him from all sides. There is a recruiting coach and a potential position coach that have taken the lead with recruiting French.

"Coach Barney Cotton and Coach JP, John Papuchis, are the two coaches that are recruiting me for Nebraska. They really like my film and my ability.

"They say that they really like my athleticism and how I do things off of the edge. They like how I get after the quarterback and how I just play the position."


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