Huskers in or out for top 10 DT?

Quincy Russell has been sitting on more than his share of offers, including one from the home-state Horns. It's not normal that a Texas kid with a Texas offer isn't a Texas commit by now. Russell isn't budging, though, as he says he's going to make sure it's right.

Name the Division 1-A program in the state of Texas, Russell probably has an offer from them. Yes, that's including Texas, an offer which has most Texas kids scrambling to say they are a future Longhorn. But just as Quincy Russell hasn't budged from that offer, he hasn't flinched from offers from every other school in his home state.

"It has to be right for me. Every school has nice facilities. Every school has a good education. They all have good coaches and good game atmospheres," Russell said. "But that doesn't tell me anything about what it's going to be like for me over the next four to five years.

"I'm not worried about all the stuff everyone knows about these places. I'm looking at what I still need to learn about them all."

While Russell hasn't shut the door on most of his schools, location seems to be a primary factor in how he's starting to view his list. Even a recent offer from Arkansas which did get his attention, still is cause for concern due to where it's at. "It's close, but not close like all the schools in Texas. That's kind of a big thing for me," he said. "I'm not ruling anyone completely out, but being close is kind of a big deal right now."

That would seem to put the Huskers on the outside looking in. Russell said not completely, but just about. "Yeah, pretty much. It's farther away than some schools which are still kind of far. I wouldn't say I have completely shut the door on them, but just about," he said.

Another recent offer comes from Purdue, and if Nebraska is too far, you can figure what Russell feels about where Purdue is located, in Indiana. "Yeah, that's kind of far too," he said.

As for the local schools which he has tried to get to know the best or at least, has developed the best relationships with thus far, Russell said it's Texas, Texas A&M and Baylor. "Those are the ones I know the most about. I need to learn more about the others," he said.

As for a decision, when it feels right, it feels right. And not before then. As for favorites, you can guess the answer to that. "Nobody right now. I'm still weighing my options and I still haven't gotten a feel for the best place for me," he said. "I am just going to keep learning though. And I am just going to get to know these coaches the best I can.

"Then, we'll see."


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