Two camps, two offers for Allen

It only took one camp at Nebraska for Maryland's Taariq Allen to show what he could do. He got home to an offer from the Huskers. Allen hasn't stopped there, and his most recent camp yielded yet another offer. The question is, how does this offer stack up to the ones he already had?

When Taariq Allen went into the Nebraska camp, he was going in with offers from Tulane and Wisconsin. Well, it wasn't a day after his Nebraska camp when he could say he had one from the Huskers as well.

Allen's most recent camp was at UCONN, a school he talked very fondly of even after the visit to Nebraska, much of it having to do with how close it was to home. Now he has an offer from the Huskies.

"It was great to get it. I was trying for it, but you never know how this stuff is going to go," Allen said. "But I went to the camp, thought I did pretty well and they offered me after it was done."

Nebraska was an offer that when Allen received it, marked it as the biggest one he had up to that point. It was a power name program, and while the offense hasn't been stellar, the style of offense was something Allen said he liked. But in the back of his mind were two other teams, one being the Huskies and the other being Boston College. Allen camped at B.C. last year.

During the camp at UCONN, though, Allen injured his knee slightly, and wasn't able to make his scheduled camp at Boston College. So, he's not sure where he stands with them now. "They said they wanted to see me again in person before they offered me. But I guess me not going to their camp means they probably won't, at least not right now," Allen said.

But the UCONN offer lessens the pain of that considerably.

"If I played there, you know you are going to have people in stands who are your friends, family and just a lot of people who care for you, no matter what you do out there on the field," said Allen when talking about the comfort of playing closer to home. "

Had Nebraska stayed in the Big 12, there certainly wouldn't be many opportunities for that to happen were he to choose the Huskers. But with the move to the Big Ten, that's obviously a lot closer to Allen's region of the country. But they would never get as close as UCONN as they play just 80 miles from his hometown in Weston, MA.

With that kind of proximity, his familiarity with the program is obvious.

"Nebraska is going to be good, and I think they will even be better in the Big Ten. But even though they are close, it's kind of hard to get closer than where UCONN is," he said. "And I mean, I kind of grew up wanting to be a Husky. So, it was an important offer for me to get."

Allen said he's not closing the book on anyone right now. While UCONN now looks like a clear favorite and to some, simply a matter of time before he makes the commit there, Allen said that it's not done and he is still trying to keep an open mind. "I'm still not adjusting my timetable. I want to wait until the end of the Summer, around the beginning of the football season, before I make up my mind," he said. "I'm not ruling anyone out. I'm not. That UCONN offer was key for me, but you never know what can happen. I know I don't. I'm just going to have to see how this one plays out."


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