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There are those that believe that with the upcoming change in conferences for Nebraska that Nebraska will need to recruit the Big 10 region more heavily. Nebraska already is and having success. The Huskers already have two commitments from Big 10 country for 2011 and are working on a 2012 recruit now too.

With closed summer camps it's easy to see why some prospects' names don't come to light until weeks after the camp is over with. That is the case with Greg McMullen.

McMullen is a 2012 recruit and a defensive end from Akron (Ohio) Archbishop Hoban. McMullen is arguably the top prospect in Ohio for 2012 and he was in Lincoln a few weeks ago.

"I went to camp at Nebraska a few weeks ago," McMullen said. "That was the first time that I had been to Nebraska. It was a pretty interesting trip.

"All of the coaches; Coach Bo Pelini, Coach Carl Pelini, Coach John Papuchis and Coach Tim Beck; all know what they are talking about. It was different."

Most of the coaches that McMullen seemed to bond with are originally from Ohio. He said that some of the conversation was about that, but beyond that talking to the coaches at Nebraska was just "different".

"They didn't really hit on that. It was all about football. And Coach Bo already knew that I was familiar with his nephews back in Ohio.

"There was something like that, but not really. It was just different. They kept it about football. They did hit on Ohio and talked about how it was the same and different. Not a lot of detail."

When asked what McMullen thought about his performance he immediately said ‘heartbreaking'. It was only heartbreaking because he couldn't do everything that he wanted to do.

"It was sort of heartbreaking; I had to leave a little early. Also, we didn't use pads and that was disappointing. Although I had to leave early and didn't use pads I think that I did pretty good."

McMullen was actually very satisfied with how things went at Nebraska's camp. Fundamentally he showed that he was sound. When he tested out, he showed that he is worth the hype.

"I did well in everything overall; staying low through the drills, using my hands and firing out on the snap. Also using the short steps in the two step movements and not shooting my arms back.

"I thought that I actually tested well too. I was elected as one of the top five big guys for the fastest man. I couldn't stick around to participate because I had to leave early. I had a pretty good 40 time, shuttle time and broad jump."

A pretty good 40 time is a little understating by McMullen. While he never heard the exact time, he heard a couple of people talking about two of his times that he had.

"One coach said that I was 4.66 and the other was 4.71. They didn't really come out and say that officially. They said that it was a fast time. I measured in at 6-foot-4 1/8th and 250-pounds."

At that size it's possible that McMullen could actually end up playing inside on the defensive line and not the outside. As long as a team likes him along the defensive line then he will be happy with the position.

"The two positions that schools are looking at me to play are defensive end or tackle. There really isn't a big difference between the two if you ask me.

"I don't have a preference of being inside or outside. As long as my hand is on the ground and I am in the trenches then I will be happy."

McMullen says that he is a balanced player along the defensive line and can do everything equally well. He seems to have favorite pass rush move though.

"I think that I am pretty balanced. I am a pass rusher and a run stopper. I can get after the quarterback. I have a pretty good bull rush."

The 2012 players can't actually pick up written offers until September, but that doesn't stop teams from telling him that they are going to offer. McMullen has quite a few of those that he knows about.

"I have verbal offers from Nebraska, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Michigan State and some others. They will give me the written offer later because of an NCAA rule."

Out of all of the offers it seems that McMullen must have some interest in Nebraska to trek all the way out there for camp. McMullen says that Huskers are pretty high on his list right now, but it's early.

"I would say that they are number two or three on my list. Their coaching staff is really young and that gives them an edge with me. They relate well with their players.

"I am still young. There is a lot of time to go. I still have two years to go in high school first before this gets really serious."

McMullen has been busy with camps, but is done now. He actually just got home today from his third and final camp. Now McMullen will start getting ready for the upcoming season.

"I went to a Browns camp, the Ohio State camp and the Nebraska camp. The Ohio State camp wrapped up just yesterday. Other than that I am just going to be working out."

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