A smaller list starting to form for Blakely

The offers are over 30 now, and running back Mike Blakely has some decisions he'll soon have to make. Like where he's taking his five allowed official visits. Blakely is already working on that, and a few schools currently hit the mark.

When you have over 30 offers it can get to the point of ridiculous. When many talk about narrowing a list down, it usually means to a top three or top five. Running back Mike Blakely is struggling to make a top 10. "Well, I know Florida is on that list as well as South Carolina and Auburn. Then I'd add to that North Carolina, Ole Miss, USC, Tennessee, West Virginia and I know there are some others," he said.  

The month of June didn't see a lot of traveling for Blakely. But he did get to check out camps at both South Carolina and Clemson. "It was nice. I got to see a lot of the campus at South Carolina, but not too much of Clemson. I liked them both though," he said.  

The next scheduled event for Blakely will be "Friday Night Lights", which he said will be at Florida around the last weekend of July.  

While the offers have gotten to the point of incomprehensible for the Bradenton Manatee back, he's been doing his best to narrow his list down to something manageable. And from that he's been thinking about where he'll take his official visits after the beginning of his senior season. Right now he has one. "I know I will visit Auburn on Sep 24th. That's the one I know for sure right now," he said.  

Bradenton Manatee is a very familiar name to Husker fans. Not only is freshman quarterback Brion Carnes from there, but it was also the stomping ground for some guy who goes by the name of Tommie Frazier. Carnes happens to be cousins to both. When Blakely talked about Carnes, he said that Nebraska never really came up, because that's not what they liked to talk about. "We just talk about what's going on with each other. That's about it. Schools never really came up," he said.  

Even if it did, though, Blakely said that Nebraska has two big things going against it. "It's really far and I don't like the cold. I don't like the cold at all," he said.  

That's probably not a surprise to many who grew up in the heat and humidity of the Sunshine State. So, the list he's been trying to figure out is obviously composed of mostly fair-weather climates.  

As to the schools he's really focusing in on now, Blakely said three teams garner high interest at this point. "South Carolina, Florida and Auburn. Those are definitely high interest for me right now," he said.  

Blakely said that while he has a short list, he won't limit it to a solid top five until he has had more time to think about it and make some official visits when the time comes.


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