2012 LB gets first offer

It's been a wild and busy last couple of weeks for Michael Rose. Rose, a 2012 linebacker prospect from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst, has been up to a camp in Nebraska and two others in the last three weeks. The effort is beginning to pay off though. This past weekend Rose was voted the regional linebacker MVP of the camp and on that Friday he picked up his first offer.

Nebraska had three sessions of summer camps in late June and one of the more distinguished campers was Michael Rose from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst. Rose's father said that big news came last week following the Nebraska camp.

"He did last Friday," Mr. Michael Rose, Sr. said. "At the camp they said that they liked him a lot and that they would be calling his coach. We were kind of thinking that an offer could be coming."

Rose, a 6-foot-0 and 210-pound linebacker is a 2012 prospect. This past weekend he went to two more combines that saw him get recognized regionally and giving him a shot to do it again nationally.

"He just got back from Indianapolis. He was up there at the National Underclassmen Combine. From there he went over to Columbus, Ind. which is apparently outside Indianapolis for a combine there.

"He was the regional linebacker MVP and will be able to go to another combine in Norman, Okla. That is the National Underclassmen Top Prospects combine. I think that is July 24th."

While Dad is plenty happy to exchange miles on the car for DI offers, son is grateful for the opportunity to be able to play division one football at whichever school he chooses.

"It's amazing just to think about the opportunity to play college football and go on and get four to five years of a free education. Beyond that there is the simple fact that not everyone that wants a DI offer will get one.

"You think about that and you remember that you need to be thankful for the talent that God gave you and that you need to keep working hard to accomplish your goals."

Michael's father has followed a school basically since the 80s and recently for him that dedication has rubbed off on him. "My dad is a really big-time Nebraska fan from the 80s and that kind of rubbed off on me lately. It was pretty nice first offer for us."

Rose really likes what Nebraska has to offer. Beyond the physical part of the stadium and the facilities Rose really started to build a good bond with the Nebraska coaching staff and in particular the linebacker coach.

"I really love their coaching staff. Every coach that I spoke to up there just has an excitement about them that they know where the program is headed. I am on the outside looking in and it's something that I would like to be part of.

"I am really developing a good relationship with Mike Ekeler the linebacker coach. That is really a plus for me. The facilities are really nice. Everything at Nebraska is pretty nice."

One big thing that Rose likes about the Nebraska staff, and in particular Mike Ekeler, is the intensity. Having some younger coaches is a plus in Rose's eyes.

"That is always a plus when you have a coach that can relate to you and bring that energy to you. What he does just rubs off onto his players and the way you play. He brings a lot of energy onto the field. You just want to match him."


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