Time to focus on recruiting

It's about the first month that has gone by in sometime that defensive tackle Todd Barr wasn't talking about a new fistful of offers to come across table. That's just fine with him. He's trying to sort out what he has. How are the Huskers looking for one of the top DTs in the country?

It's a nice problem to have when you have offers from more teams than you can realistically look at during your final year of prep ball. But the good thing for defensive tackle Todd Barr, things have settled down a bit. From the flurry that was Spring where he saw his offers go through the roof, this last month has been somewhat refreshing. "I haven't had any new offers, and I really haven't gone anywhere, because we are doing a team Summer camp right now," Barr said. "But after that's done, then I am going to try and get out and see some more schools."

This is part of a process which Barr said he and his family started just this week. And that is basically listing out his own criteria and trying to match that up with the schools. His list is actually quite long, but he talked about the three big ones which are obviously close to the top in regard to importance. "The school has to have a communication program. I have to have a good relationship with the coaches. And I have to like how the school actually is," he said. "With that last one, that means I have to get out and see them personally, or that's pretty hard to know."

Nebraska was in the picture at one point, and Barr talked about where they are now and if they might be one of those schools he'll visit over the Summer. "As far as rating them right now, it's around a six or seven, but that's only because I haven't called them and talked to them as much as I should," he said. "But they are definitely a place I want to go visit over the Summer before my senior season begins. I want to have this all taken care of by then, if I can."

The ideal timeline for Barr is before his season begins at which point he'll have a decision. But he said that until he sees all the teams on his list personally, he won't be in a position to do that. "Once we do that, and I am comfortable with having seen all the teams I want to see, then we can sit down as a family and just talk about it," he said. "It will be more about weighing pros and cons, and then trying to come to a decision."

So, will we hear of a decision before Sept. or perhaps as early as August sometime?

Barr hopes so, but said that being sure is much more important than being quick. "I'm not walking into a darkroom with a blindfold on this one. I am checking out everything I can about every school I am seriously considering," he said. "You don't rush this. You don't decide just because you don't want to deal with the pressure. It's strenuous, but that would be better to go through that now then pick the wrong place and go through that for the next four to five years."

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