Nebraska adds kicker to the mix

At the camps last week in Lincoln several players made impressions on the Nebraska coaching staff, but very few received offers based on their performance. One player that shined was kicker Niklas Sade, from Wakefield High School in Raleigh (NC). And shortly after receiving the offer from NU earlier this week, Niklas made the commitment to the Big Red, find out why in this latest update.

I heard you pulled the trigger for Nebraska today, is that true?

"Yes, sir I did. I did it yesterday, after I gave them a call. They all seemed pretty excited and so am I. I see this as a big opportunity for me."

Walk me through this, how did it all go down?

"I came out for the camp in Lincoln last week, and I guess I did pretty good, because I got the offer from them a few days ago. It wasn't that hard of a decision really, once I thought about it. Nebraska is such a great program known for having great kickers, it's the perfect fit I think.

"They (NU) offered another kid, but he committed to USC. So I was next in line and got the offer. I'm glad the way it all worked out."

What would you say are the main reason you picked the Huskers?

"Well I've got an offer from NC State too, but Nebraska just felt right. But at Nebraska it's the tradition, the fans, the great coaches and facilities. It's just an all-around great place to be and get an education.

"They have a great history with kickers too, I know all about that, so that had some influence and was always in the back of my mind. The guy they have in there will be leaving soon, so I'll come in and red-shirt, and then fight for a spot."

Can you do kickoffs too, how strong is your leg?

"Yeah I do all three now, kickoffs, field goals and punts. I would say my accuracy is my strongpoint, but I have a strong leg too. I hit a 57 yarder at the camp in Lincoln, so that should give you a little idea how strong my leg is."

Niklas was born in Germany, but moved to North Carolina when he was nine. When asked if he was solid, or if another offer could cause him to rethink his commitment, Niklas said Husker fans need not worry.

"This is it for me, it doesn't get any better. I'm 100% committed to Nebraska no matter who comes in with an offer. No more visits or anything, my recruitment is over."

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