Huskers still in pursuit of Peat

Four star defensive tackle prospect Todd Peat has one more unofficial visit set for this summer, then shortly after that visit to SEC country, he plans to narrow his list. With over 15 offers from programs in multiple conferences, is Nebraska in position to find their way on his final list of suitors? We ask those questions and more, in this latest update from Big Red Report.

For a player like Todd Peat, a recruit with offers from all over the country, it would be pretty simple to start to slack off this summer and think you've made it. With so many options, it would be easy to just relax, and enjoy the break.

But if you ask the touted prospect from Arizona, he plans to train harder this summer, than he ever has in his life.

"It's definitely not a time to just play around, that's not what got me to this point, hard work is," said Peat. " I work out like 6 days a week. Monday, Tuesday and Friday's I work out with my team, we do a lot of power cleans, squats, things like that. We only bench press like once or twice a week, when we do upper body. Everything else we do is with the core, just to build that up.

"Me and my brother (Andrus Peat), we go to this place called Athletic Republic three days a week. That's were we do all our speed training. They put us on these treadmills that are state-of-the-art, they go all the way up to 25 mph. They put this thing at a 45 degree incline, and we sprint on those. Then we usually work in the pool a little, our coach got us to start doing that.

"On Wednesday we both do plyometrics there. Like box jumps, and jump rope. And on Fridays they really beat us down. We do back-pedals on the treadmill. Man they put these things at a high incline, it's like running up a hill backwards! Then we do these sprints with these things tied to our backs, it's unreal, it's a full work out I can tell you that. Your quads and hip flexors are feeling it after that."

Give me some of your numbers in the weight room.

"On squat, my last max out was like 545. I can get 315 up with no problem on the power clean. And my last max on the bench press was 385."

Since the start of the summer break, Todd has hit a campus or two, in the hopes of getting a better vibe for the programs that have extended him a scholarship offer.

"I really haven't done a whole lot. We've been out of school about a month now. I've really only taken one visit this summer, to Stanford. We are going to try to get out to a few other places in July, but that's all so far."

Talk to me about the visit out there, did you have a good time?

"It went good, that was my second time being there. Just being able to sit down with the coaches and everything was probably the best part. I enjoyed it, but I'm still keeping all my options open. I want to get out and see other programs that I'm interest in before I just focus on one school."

I saw some reports saying they were the team to beat now, would you characterize it like that?

"I don't know if I would say that, it's really the only school that I've seen, so I need to go to a few other places before I could say that."

If you had to list a few schools who were recruiting you the hardest, who would those be?

"You know, it would probably be Stanford, Nebraska, ASU, then probably Miami and Alabama. I hear from some others a lot, but I talk to those coaches and get the most mail from those schools."

You think anybody else is getting close to offering?

"I would say USC might be close, but I really don't care. I've got all the offers I need."

Todd said through the recruiting process, he has enjoyed the relationship that has started to form between himself and his lead recruiter for Nebraska, coach Ron Brown.

"Yeah, I like coach Brown a lot, he is a great person. We don't just talk about football when we talk, he wants to know about me the person too. I like that about coach Brown a lot. He lets me know they want me at Nebraska, but we talk about more than just that."

You told me last month that you might get out to Lincoln this summer for an unofficial, do you think that visit will still transpire? If not, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

"I wanted to get out to Nebraska this summer, but with our schedule I don't know if I will be able to. But I will be out there later this year on an official, so I'll get to see it eventually. The only other thing I have set up is Alabama. I'm heading out to Alabama on the 19th of July, for their prospect camp."

And shortly after that visit, Todd plans to cut his list and name a top seven.

"I am actually planning on cutting down my list pretty soon. I'm going to do it later this month, after I get back from Alabama. I'll come out with a top seven then, me and my family already have a pretty good idea who those teams will be, by then I'll know for sure.

"Then right before my season starts I'll have a top five, and those are the schools I'll officially visit. Then make my decision after I take my visits, that's my plan."

One of the underlying circumstances surrounding Todd's recruitment has been the idea that he and his younger brother, 2012 OL recruit Andrus Peat, will be a package deal.

In other words, whoever lands Todd has the inside track to gaining a commitment from his brother next year, who will be one of the top recruits in the west region for '12.

Todd said that wasn't the case.

"You know Kevin, we would like to play together, but it's not a necessity or anything. I'm going to look for the best situation for myself and he is going to do the same thing. If that happens to be the same school, good, but if not, we will go our separate ways."

As always Big Red Report will continue to monitor the recruitment of Todd Peat, and bring you the latest as it comes in. And as soon as Todd is ready to release his top seven, we'll bring it to you.


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