Martin still wants to see Nebraska

For some recruits around the country, if you mention the term "off-season" they might chuckle a bit. That's how it's been for South Carolina prep cornerback Ronnie Martin. It's 7-on-7 league and his team is heading for the big time.

A date this month for Martin and his Spartanburg teammates will have them in Tampa, Florida for the NFL National Select 7-on-7 Championships. This follows a long season which for many prep football players is a time where they are working out and perhaps taking an unofficial visit or two.

Martin has lost count of how many games his team has had in this competition. But it's a lot. "Maybe 90. I don't know. It's a lot," he said with a laugh. "I think we have maybe 80 wins right now."

From the point this so-called off-season began his team has been on the road to the championship game. And for Martin, he said that while it's tough not having really any time off, this is what it's all about. "It makes you better. I know it's made me better as a player and it helps everyone get better at what they do," Martin said.

It's kind of hard to focus on recruiting when you are doing so many other things. But Martin has usually relied on his coach for that. "Coach Brown tells me if someone else has offered or basically what's going on. That gives me less to worry about. But I know it's been getting crazy," he said.

Crazy in a good way, but Martin said that something his coach told him some time ago that didn't make much sense then, is making a lot more sense now. "He told me it would get tough. He told me that it would get harder, because I would have some hard decisions to make," he said. "But when he said that I didn't have any offers, so it didn't mean that much. It means a lot now. It is definitely getting tough."

Martin now has a couple of more offers to add to his list, one of the most recent being Wake Forest. That brings the total closer to double-digits for the two-way standout. It makes Martin think more and more about when he'd like to make a decision.

But he is still riding the fence on that right now. "I'd like to make my decision before my season starts. But I haven't seen all the places I really want to see yet," said Martin who says he's scheduled to take an unofficial to Florida on the 23rd. "I mean, I wouldn't say that I absolutely have to see a place, but it would be nice."

Nebraska is obviously one of those places he has yet to see, and a school he maintains there is a lot of interest in. "Oh yeah, I leave messages for those guys. The last coach I talked to was Coach Gilmore," he said of the Huskers' wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore. "They have talked to me about playing either side of the ball. I don't care which side I play, really."

When it comes to his official visits, that seems to be about the best time Martin sees as an opportunity to get out to Lincoln and give it a closer look. As of right now that's what he'd like to do. "Yeah, I want to see it for myself. I want to see how it feels, how the coaches are, how the players are and just compare it to other places," he said.

But that would obviously push his recruiting process beyond the beginning of his season. If that happens, Ronnie said that's how it has to be. "If I have to wait I will. I want to make sure I go to a place that fits me and a place where I fit in. That's the most important right now," he said. "So, if that takes it into the season, I'll do that. I'd rather do it right than do it quick and maybe make a mistake."

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