Bender taking his time

The word on the street is that Nebraska is pretty serious about Tay Bender potentially being part of the 2012 class. It would be a significant mark for Nebraska and Bender who have yet to really recruit a quarterback from the state of Nebraska for the west coast offense. Bender attended the quarterback academy in Lincoln and is now focused on this coming season.

There is some hope pinned to Tay Bender from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest. The dual-threat quarterback could be a player that picks up an offer from Nebraska some time to be part of the 2012 class. For now though, camps are over with and college is pretty far from Bender's mind.

"I am done with camps for the rest of the year," Bender said. "Right now I am just really focused on my junior and senior seasons. I am not really thinking about college right now. It's my junior and senior seasons that are in front of me."

Bender is his own toughest critic and he says that he could have done better at the quarterback academy this summer. There were some things that he did well and things that he will need to improve on.

"I think that I could have done better. I did alright overall, but it could have been a little better. I think that my accuracy could have been better. My footwork could have been better too.

"I would say my deep ball was the best. I threw it 52 yards, but Derrius Vick threw it 59 yards. He's a senior this year over at Lincoln Southeast."

One of the things that did hold Bender back a little bit at the quarterback academy was a leg injury. Bender says that it really hampered him more than anything.

"I did have a leg injury going into the academy. I strained my hamstring in district track. It was sore but nothing excruciating. I could still do things, but some of the running. It wasn't much of an issue."

Southwest just finished up a little team camp and it will be back on the individual until fall camp opens up which is just about four weeks away.

"We just finished up a two week camp. It was the last two weeks where we just got together as a team at the school and practiced together. Our two-a-days start August 9th."

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