Trying to get back into the picture

Call it bad timing or just bad luck, defensive tackle Kyrian Batiste has been traveling the long road back to being healthy. It's also the hopeful journey to getting noticed again, trying to come back from missing the Spring. He's on his way, though, and he can't wait until the next step he takes.

It's all about the chicken breast. Well, it's also about the conditioning, the strength program and eating six times a day. And then there is the rehab from a freak injury which kept him out all of Spring football, and out of the eyes of a lot of coaches who came by to see what he could do. "Coaches from all over the place said that they were coming to see me in Spring, and that they might offer me," said defensive tackle Kyrian Batiste, who said schools from the Big 12, Big Ten, Pac Ten and ACC had voiced interest in seeing what he was going to do over the Spring session.

"But I got injured and that kind of stopped everything."

Since then it's been camps when he can go, and a lot of running, lifting weights and getting back to his playing weight of around 295 lbs, a weight even now he keeps battling to maintain. "It's hard with all the running. I eat all the time, get my protein shakes in, eat chicken breasts for more protein," he said. "But I'm just going to keep working at it and seeing if I can show these coaches what I can do."

Kyrian has had a chance or two to do that already, having attended a Nebraska camp in the early part of the so-called off-season. But there's a host of camps still coming up for the Lone Star standout. "I'm going to Texas A&M this Saturday. Then I will head to Louisiana Tech. And after that I'll head to TCU and Kansas State," he said.

This is where he hopes interest turns into something a little more tangible. "Well yeah, it's about offers. But it's just about getting out there and showing them that I am healthy," he said. "A lot aren't sure about my knee, and they said they just want to see me run on it and everything you have to do in a game."

The interest certain seems to be there, as Batiste said he gets letters from all over, including most of the schools right there in his home state. But that's all it is right now. So, the closer football season gets, the more he's chomping at the bit, because he knows what he can do. Now he just wants to show everyone else, including the guys on his own team. "They have been on me since I missed Spring. They want a piece of me," he said. "That's fine. I'm ready for that. Actually, I can't wait."

As far as favorites, Batiste said that he's as open as open gets, knowing that he's simply looking for the opportunity and if that happens he'll worry about where he fits or what situation fits him best. Nebraska, TCU, Texas A&M, Baylor and more, all exist to him as a team he'd be interested in based on their interest in him.

"I'm not even worried about favorites, because I'm out there to prove myself again," he said. "You can't worry about stuff you can't control. So, my whole goal is just to get bigger, faster and stronger and show everyone what kind of player I was and what kind of player I'll be."

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