List goes from two to five for Johnson

When someone as touted as defensive tackle Mickey Johnson narrows his list, you can bet there are going to be a lot of fans from a lot of teams which cringe if they see their team isn't one of them. Well, Johnson had gotten his list down to two. Now, it's other fans besides those of those two teams who can rejoice. His list has expanded to five.

Michigan, Tennessee and LSU

Three teams which didn't make the cut when defensive tackle Mickey Johnson had narrowed his list down to two teams, those being Nebraska and UCLA.

Now they're back.

"I just like those three teams. I have good relationships with the programs, I like their tradition and I think all would be a good fit," Johnson said. The worry for most schools now comes from the obvious fact that the home-state Tigers are back in the hunt for one of the Bayou State's best talents this year. "It's close to home. I obviously know a lot about them and I have a lot of friends who play on the team," Johnson said.

While those three make the list, it doesn't mean UCLA or Nebraska have become suddenly less attractive. Johnson said that he's simply making sure to keep all available options open. "I like them just as much as I did before. But there's just things with these other programs that have a lot to like too," he said. "I'm very interested in all of those teams now. Right now I'm pretty comfortable with that list."

That means he could have one official visit for each of his favorites, except for the fact that LSU is right next door. Johnson said that means he'd probably save that official for someplace else. Where, he isn't sure of right now.

But he already has one official set for UCLA when they host USC on December 4th. And the date he'd like to see Lincoln is Oct. 16th, the now almost ridiculously popular date which happens to be when Nebraska and Texas meet up for perhaps the last time in conference play. "I know a lot of people are looking forward to that game," Johnson said.

You can figure that Tennessee and Michigan will be scheduled at some point in the future. But Johnson hasn't made those dates as of yet. And as he is very aware of the recruiting process, he said this list could change before it's all said and done. But for now anyway, his recently expanded list looks pretty good to him. "It's a great list of programs. You really can't go wrong with any of them," he said.


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