Mitchel heading to state 7 on 7

The summer is wrapping up, but one of the biggest things in the state of Texas each year is the state seven on seven tournament in College Station. Tevin Mitchel and his team mates are heading there and hoping for a good showing. Another place Mitchel would like to get to this summer is Lincoln, but it might have to wait until fall. If he has to wait he knows which weekend he will be there.

Tevin Mitchel is having a good summer. The workouts are every day for him and his team mates from Mansfield (Texas) Legacy are beating the heat getting ready for the upcoming season by getting out in the mornings.

"Workouts are going good," Mitchel said. "We are doing everything as a team in the mornings. We are lifting weights and then going out to run."

Mitchel and his team mates are headed to College Station for state seven on seven passing league. "We are heading to state today for seven on seven. We have played well this summer and we are hoping to do well down at state."

This summer has been about a couple of things that Mitchel wanted to improve on. He says that the work that he has been putting in has helped so far.

"I have been trying to work on my footwork and my recovery speed. I have been practicing on those two things every day.

"I think that I have done pretty good addressing those two things. I have had someone that I run after that runs faster than me. That has helped."

Beyond seven on seven this weekend and getting ready for the season Mitchel doesn't have a lot planned. He would like to get up to Nebraska, but if he can't during the summer then he wants to be there at a particular game this fall.

"I don't have any camps or anything coming up. I am trying to get up to Nebraska this summer, but if I can't it will have to wait until my official visit.

"I don't have a date picked out yet to head up for my official visit, but I am thinking that I will go up for the Texas game later in the year."

Mitchel committed to Nebraska before they were going to be part of the Big 10, but even so it doesn't change anything for him. There are even some perks when it comes down to it.

"I have been getting asked that question a lot. To me, it really doesn't matter. I don't care. It doesn't matter where they go or who they play against.

"I didn't commit to them because they played a couple of games in Texas every year. It's a better deal that everyone can see me on TV every weekend."

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