Unquestionable dedication

The summer is a time to relax. As a student-athlete it's a time to workout with your team mates and get ready for the upcoming season. For Jamal Turner, he's been more student than athlete this summer and it's all about getting qualified. Not qualified to try and enroll at Nebraska, but qualified to graduate early from high school to enroll at Nebraska.

The Bubba Starling quarterback commitment worried some who were thinking about Jamal Turner and what he might think of a second quarterback in the class. Turner knows that he'll have the head start on Starling and that it will be a battle.

More than that though, people worried that it might run off Turner and that Turner might not appreciate having a second quarterback in the class. That couldn't be further from the truth. Nothing has changed for Turner who is working his tail off right now.

"The summer is going good," Turner said. "I am really busy, with school mostly. I am taking classes during the day and night school too.

"I have like four weeks of summer school left then right into two-a-days, then school will start and then I will graduate and head up to Nebraska in January."

Lots of players have to take summer classes to make up for lost time in the classroom. Now, with college staring them dead in the eye they need to make things up. That's not why Turner is in summer school.

"This isn't about catching up or improving my grades. This is all about graduating early and heading up to Nebraska at semester."

Turner was up in Lincoln for the quarterback academy this summer and that will be the last time he's there before he comes back for an official visit. Turner already has the game picked out.

"I am going to go up for the Texas game. I am going to travel up there with Tevin Mitchel. We know each other pretty well. He goes out with my cousin."

The state seven on seven tournament is in full-swing in College Station (Texas), but Turner and his team aren't there. There was a noticeable difference in approach to the passing league this year for Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston in comparison to last year.

"We didn't qualify this year. We only played in one state qualifying tournament this year and played in like five of them last year or so. There really wasn't an effort there to get qualified this year.

"We played well in passing league, but just getting to state wasn't a priority. A lot of the players from my team have spent more of their time working out and lifting this summer to get ready for the season."

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