Nebraska's next commit?

It's one of the most asked questions: Who is the next commit? There are sometimes that it just seems so obvious. Then others, you are really scratching your head trying to figure out who it might be. Well, the picture for Nebraska might be coming a little clearer. The Huskers will host this player toward the end of July and he says that he might commit on the visit.

The state seven on seven tournament is on right now in College Station (Texas) and David Santos and his Klein (Texas) Collins team are doing well according to him.

"We are 2-2 right now," Santos said. "We are playing well, but obviously could be doing better. The record really isn't the biggest deal in your pools. It's mostly by points. Teams advance out and are 1-3."

The 6-foot-0 and 205-pound Santos has been busy this summer. Coach Drew Svoboda has said that David is in summer school and when he does have time to work out he's been concentrating on some things.

"I have been working on my hips and then my feet. Really, it's been just my base. The goal has really been to improve on my ability to accelerate into the hole."

While Santos has been busy with school he is going to find some time in a couple of weeks to head up to Nebraska. Santos is hoping to see some things about the school and the people with the program.

"I will be taking a trip to Nebraska on July 23. I want to see the environment and some of the traditions that Nebraska has. I really want to get to know the coaches and the players on the trip too."

Obviously, coming from the Houston area, Santos doesn't know a lot about Nebraska. What he does know is mostly about the defense and the tradition that surrounds it.

"It's the Blackshirts, definitely. I think that it's important to acknowledge the player who achieves first team. Not just on the team now, but in the past. And it's a defensive tradition and I am a defensive player."

Santos is claiming that Nebraska is his favorite at this point. He also says that on the upcoming trip that there is a chance that he could pull the trigger on a commitment.

"They are my number one. There is a chance that I could commit on the trip. I want to go up there though and see everything and if it's right then I might commit.

"Still, I do want my family to be part of the decision making process and I might want to at least come home and talk it through with them before I do anything."


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