One big factor for Wynn's future

There's a lot that people know already about Shane Wynn. He has over 20 offers, after all. He's a dynamic playmaker in the mold of a Brandon Banks from Kansas State or a Reggie Bush from USC. Wynn doesn't have any idea of where he's going to attend college, except for one factor which he said will definitely come into play.

With the offer count soaring for wide receiver/athlete prospect Shane Wynn, you'd think there might be a little pressure to buckle down and try and trim this list before his final season of football begins, and the real attention starts.

Nope, not for Wynn. But he has a pretty good reason for that.

"I don't have the time to get all caught up in that. If I'm not getting ready for track, it's football. If it's not football it's basketball," he said. "I'm just kind of taking it all in right now."

With over 20 offers right now that's a lot to take in. And Wynn admittedly hasn't even started to break teams down by what they do, don't do and how it might fit him. The only camp he's been to this year is one to home-state super power Ohio State.

Being from Glenville High School in Glenville, Ohio, the assumption is that with the Ohio State offer he says he has, it's only a matter of time. You would probably lose count trying to track all the Glenville alum who have ultimately attended Ohio State, not the least of whom was Ted Ginn Jr.

Not to compare the two, as Ginn was a sensational athlete and devastatingly good special teams return man. But with goals of trying to run a 20 second flat 200 this year in track along with trying to reach 10.4 in the 100m, Wynn obviously has some speed, too.

But there's a catch, so to speak. It's a factor which Wynn himself thinks that not a lot of people are aware of right now. "What people don't know if that wherever Cardale goes, I'm going," Wynn said referring to his teammate, quarterback Cardale Jones, who is sitting on double-digit offers as well. "We are all trying to stick together."

Unlike Wynn, though, Cardale doesn't have an offer from the Buckeyes, who just happen to be sitting on a commitment from Braxton Miller,'s number one rated quarterback in the country.

So, for now it's wide open, and Wynn doesn't mind it being that way. As he indicated he's got a lot on his plate for the near future. "Everyone is even. I don't have any favorites right now. And I know Cardale is the same way," he said. "But we are planning on playing together. I know that. We just don't know where."

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