Busy summer for Williams

Many have lost focus about what Nebraska has when it comes to the 2011 DL class and have concentrated on the lack of remaining prospects. Still, the Huskers have already landed one of their top DT prospects and Kevin Williams is looking forward to becoming a Husker. Before he can do that there is the rest of the summer and the fall to go. What has Williams been doing?

Kevin Williams had 157 tackles and 15 sacks last season. Some linebackers do have seasons like that. Then you find out that Williams was just a junior and that he played defensive tackle.

The 6-foot-2 and 270-pound Williams from Holland (Ohio) Springfield has been having a good summer. There have been the team workouts and then there has been his time of giving back which is what he was doing today.

"Things have been going really good," Williams said. "We have been working out as a team this summer. Actually, right now, we are getting ready to host a kid's camp. This is going to be fun."

Williams is into football, period. Ask someone what they are doing to get ready for next year and they might tell you running or lifting. Williams has been doing drills that just point blank aren't very fun to do.

"Beyond the team practices I really wanted to work on my footwork and I have been doing that. I think that it's gotten better. I have been doing more work after practice going through ladders and doing chute drills."

Williams really committed to Nebraska at possibly the height of the recruiting process and attention. It was mid-April of his junior year and his hopes were to get it out of the way and go win state.

"It's definitely died down. That's how I wanted things to get though. That's why I committed when I did. I wanted to get all of the distractions aside and concentrate on getting better and winning state."

Williams was in Lincoln for the spring game and while he was there he met another Nebraska commitment, Jamal Turner. Williams is planning on coming in for the same official visit as Turner and says the two have talking about rooming together next year.

"I am planning on going to Nebraska for the Texas game in October. I know that Jamal Turner is going to be there that weekend and since meeting him at the spring game we started talking.

"We get along real well and talk quite a bit to one another. We have already been talking about next year and we are also going to look into rooming together when we are freshmen."

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