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Something should be said for Nebraska and adjusting the way that they are recruiting wide receivers. The Huskers just haven't appealed to the big time high school wide receiver recruits for one reason or another, yet the big time junior college wide receivers have been very receptive. Nebraska is making another push at a JC wide receiver for the 2011 class now.

There is a late summer session at Fort Scott (Kans.) Community College and players like Malcolm Moulton had to make their way back for school and for some summer conditioning.

"Things are good," Moulton said. "I am back in Kansas now. I had to get back after the 4th for conditioning and starting another session of summer classes."

There isn't anything organized going on outside yet with throwing the ball around or anything. This time is about getting back into the swing of things and getting ready for fall camp.

"We are just getting in and lifting in the weight room and running. We really aren't out there catching any balls right now. This is about getting back to the fundamentals of the game."

Moulton has been away from the game for a year now. He redshirted last year and it was the first time that he hasn't played a down of football in basically his life. So he's looking forward to the season just a little bit.

"I am looking forward to getting back on the field. Since I was five years old I haven't had to sit an entire year out of football. Now I am here and I am anxious to get on the field and show people what I can do."

Last year Fort Scott made the National Championship game. With that come expectations. Moulton has heard these expectations and he's not just confident that Fort Scott will live up to them, but that they will surpass them.

"The expectations are always high here at Fort Scott. We are going to live up to them just like last year. Nobody really believed, but our coach has brought this program a long way.

"We have high expectations all the way around. We have expectations from the community, from the rest of the junior colleges around the country and I feel like we are going to above and beyond those expectations."

There is nothing that Moulton has set for himself next season beyond the goals of his team. If his team is winning, then the goal is me. He just wants to go out there and do the best that he can.

"First thing I want my team to win period. However I contribute to that is fine with me. For the most part, my goal is simply about how my team does. I just want to do the best that I can do."

The recruiting front has been busy recently. There are the same offers that Moulton has had, but he was notified that there has been an offer there for him that maybe the coaches were keeping a lid on.

"Things are going good. I have some offers. I have offers from Southern Miss, Nebraska, Northern Illinois and Arkansas State. I was just told about the Nebraska offer.

"I don't know exactly when I got that offer. Coach Sims told me about the offer a couple of days ago. They just didn't want to make it big and distracting."

To be honest, Moulton isn't overly enthused about the Nebraska offer, but that's not because he's not interested. Recruiting to him is just a ways off in the distance and he's more caught up in the now.

"I am really just trying to focus on the school that I am at and the season that I have in front of me so that we can win it all. I just want to worry about where I am at right now.

"I feel like we haven't even started our season at all right now and I am not going to worry about a school where I am not even at. I am at Fort Scott and I am here preparing for a National Championship. If it's not at Fort Scott, it's totally irrelevant to me."

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