Touted sophomore visiting NU this weekend

Already with five verbal offers in hand, so to speak, sophomore offensive lineman Evan Boehm is already looking as one of the better line prospects in the entire region. He may have two years to play yet, but he's already making trips around the region, and Nebraska is one of his stops this weekend.

The verbal offer may be commonplace anymore, but don't let it diminish the fact that to get one when you haven't even officially hit your junior year, it means you aren't one of the elite.

You are, no doubt.

Evan Boehm has five.

The 6-3.5, 290 lbs. Lee's Summit (Missouri) guard/center prospect also has perspective, something that you don't often see with someone so young.

"I have those offers, which means I am locked in for a big-time college one day. But that's all it means right now," he said.

It's not to take away from the significance of those offers. But Boehm understands the reality. And it is that he has two years to play, and with that comes an understanding of what that means. "I am doing a lot when it comes to looking at these schools right now, because I don't want to concentrate on that during the season," he said. "My season is for the guy next to me. It's for every player on my team. It's for making sure that my last two years is two years where all we are trying to do is win two state titles."

Boehm is taking a trip to Nebraska this weekend, which will be either before or after another unofficial he's taking to Iowa, the Hawkeyes the lone program to have offered him which he has yet to see. This trip to Nebraska comes in the midst of what is for most college coaches around the country, a time they are on vacation. Boehm knows this, but that's not why he's going to Lincoln for another look.

"I'm going to Lincoln just to experience Lincoln. And just to experience the campus and everything else. I know the Pelinis are on vacation, so this isn't really about all that," he said. "Nebraska is one of those programs where there is so much tradition, where a state revolves around not just that sport but all others, I just want to go there and take what I can in."

There was one point, Boehm admitted, that he was thinking that this time right now might be the one big opportunity he had to see schools he might attend. That was based on wanting to get his decision out of the way. But after having talked about it recently, he and his family agreed that it's better to take the more cautious approach. "When I make my decision there will be no regrets. And there won't be any changing my mind, because I wasn't looking at absolutely everything when I chose my school," Boehm said. "That's why we thought we might hold off, because there might be more offers coming. There might be new situations to think about, and I might see something else that fits me."

The offers he has right now are from Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. All teams he's considering heavily right now. But he says there isn't a favorite among that group, and the idea of narrowing anything down anytime soon is simply not an option. "I'm not keeping anyone out of the mix. This is a time where I am looking hard at those looking at me. But if more come in I am going to look at them just as hard. But this is the time where I want to deal with it, because I don't want to deal with it during the season," he said.

Boehm is obviously very grounded in how he thinks about this and what he plans to do. He said that he may actually avoid any conversations or interviews about anything other than this team, once his season begins. After all, even though recruiting seems to have no calendar anymore, he does, and he plans on sticking to it so recruiting doesn't get the best of him.

"I see some guys get caught up in all this so early, and they start to forget about getting better. Some start thinking that they don't need to. They think that they have already made it, they're good and all that. That's not me," he said. "My team deserves everything out of me I am able to give them, because we all are striving for the same thing. We want to win titles, and to do that everyone has to be on the same page."

As for favorites, you already know the answer to that one. And that answer in a few months might be the exact same as it is now. Heck, it might be that before his senior season next year. Two years is a lot of time. A lot can happen. Boehm is ready to just let it, and figure everything else out when he feels the need.

"There is so much time for me to become a better player – bigger, faster and stronger than I am right now. If the recruiting attention has given me anything, it's the motivation to prove myself worth the attention those teams have shown me right now," he said. "Improving yourself really doesn't have a point where you stop. The second you stop you won't get any better.

"If I had 50 offers, I wouldn't stop at trying to get better at what I do."


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