Top four emerging for Virgile

It's the summer and recruiting is what it is. Coaches can't call the players, but that relationship needs to be in place before the period starts when they can't call. Nebraska was in a little late on Keeon Virgile, but there is still interest there from him in Nebraska. Virgile says that there is a top four for him that he's looking at, can Nebraska work their way into that fifth slot?

Keeon Virgile, the 6-foot-1 and 185-pound linebacker from North Miami Beach (Flor.), has been having a good summer; although, it's not really a summer when you are working six days a week.

"Things are going well," Virgile said. "We are staying busy. We practice every day except for Sunday. We do conditioning, then we practice and then we go to some ACT classes."

Things are paying off for Virgile with all of the work that he has been doing particularly getting ready for the ACT. He knows that it's very important when it comes to what he wants to do after high school.

"The ACT class is going good. It's really going to help me do well on the test and it's something that I want to do well at because I want to go on to college after high school."

While the North Miami Beach football team and the ACT have been part of what Virgile has been doing now recruiting has not been. Virgile just hasn't been thinking about it at all.

"I don't really know. I need to talk to that with my coach. Right now I have just been training. I really don't know anything at all when it comes to my recruiting and I don't have any trips planned."

If Virgile had to comment there are four teams out of the teams that have offered that are standing out. There is another that he's interested in, but hasn't had a lot of contact with.

"I am looking at Western Michigan, Syracuse, Kansas and South Florida for sure. Really, that's about it. Nebraska is there. I am interested in them. I like them. I am not sure if I will visit there.

"It's not a money issue with travel and waiting for an official visit. It's just that I don't talk to Nebraska all that much. I don't know how interested they are. That's why I need to talk to my coach about that."

Virgile says that this summer was about speed and strength. When he hits you this next year he wants you to feel it. Time is running out to get where he wants to on his goals with two a days right around the corner.

"I really wanted to work on my speed, my feet and my overall strength. I really want anyone that I hit to be going the other way after I do. We start two a days August 14th. It's two weeks before school. It's coming up."

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