Over 20 offers, still looking at NU

Defensive end James Adeyanju is getting more popular by the minute, it seems. From single-digit offers not too long ago, he's now holding over 20. Nebraska seems to be still looking for some linemen on the defensive side. So, how are they sitting with one of the rising defensive ends in the Midwest?

At this point even big brother, Victor, would have to admit that little brother is getting recruited a bit.

OK, a lot.

Victor is with the St. Louis Rams, but if the recruiting attention James Adeyanju is getting is any indication of his potential, it won't be long until the two are either going against each other or perhaps playing side-by-side.

But that's a ways from now.

The offers keep rolling in for the standout defensive end, James saying that Michigan State is the most recent to offer. And while there are a host of schools he's considering heavily, when he's looking in the not so distant future and his potential official visits, he has a couple he has a good idea right now he'd take. "Nebraska and Wisconsin. I don't have any favorites, but those are two schools I'd like to officially visit if I can," he said.

Nebraska keeps its status as one of the teams James is looking at with a focused eye, mostly because of the recent success on defense, and specifically the kind of publicity that the Huskers have seen given to their defensive line. It's just part of what James said he learned was a big tradition in Lincoln. "It's a great tradition, and they are known for their defense. As a defensive lineman, when you look at their recent success and the players they have had, you have to give them a serious look," he said.

There's still some stuff to do over the Summer, starting out with an unofficial visit he'll take to Cincinnati which is scheduled to take place on the24th. And then if he can, he'd like to swing around Lincoln before his season begins. "If I do make it out there, it might be late July. But if I can't make it there, I'll probably take an official there," he said. "I definitely want to see the place and see what it's all about."

On these visits Adeyjanu's criteria is much the same as it is with most kids. He said that he's most interested in meeting players he'll potentially be around for the next four to five years. He wants to see how the campus looks. And, of course, he's going to take a closer look at these school's academics when he has the chance to make it to their campus for a visit.

After that, well, only time will tell.

With 22 offers right now and his senior season still yet to begin, this list could expand and keep expanding. James said that he's ready for that, and if more teams come in, he'll just take each as it comes. "I'm not trying to get ahead of myself. I mean, I know other teams might still come in," he said. "I'll just look at each as they come in, try and see how it fits me and then keep working on my list."

As to the well-publicized move of the Huskers to the Big Ten, as an Illinois kid you can imagine what his reaction would be. "I was really happy when I saw that. Just look at some of those games: Ohio State/Nebraska, Michigan State/Nebraska, Iowa/Nebraska, Wisconsin/Nebraska – they are all going to be big," he said. "And they are going to be playing in stadiums I know really well."


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