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Ryan Klachko gets a little upset when you tell him that the summer is coming to an end, but in a way it already has for him and his team mates. They are already in pads holding a camp and putting in plays. Klachko has seen a summer of big improvements and also a summer that saw Nebraska slide over to a conference next year that is better personally for him.

Ryan Klachko from Springfield (Ill.) Sacred Heart Griffin is a little in denial. He doesn't want to admit that the summer is drawing to a close although he and his team are already sweating it out.

"Don't tell me that," Klachko said. "Do you really think that I want to do two a days? We have actually already kind of started. It's like a camp that we are doing.

"It's like a mini-camp, but we pay so it's all legal. We already have the pads on and we are already doing install of plays. We are starting to look pretty good."

Klachko had the list in front of him all summer of things to work on. He saw improvements; big improvements. Some of them surprised even him. Still, there are others that will be a work in progress even after the summer ends.

"I have a big list of things to work on; it's hanging there for me to see. I wanted to work on my discipline on the snap count. I don't jump, but I have been told if I am pulling it's easy to read.

"I also wanted to work on my quickness. I am getting really fast. I actually broke 4.9 on my 40. I ran a 4.87 on the SPARQ timer. That was at 285 and I am around 300 now. I just want to keep putting on muscle. I am benching 410 now.

"I have been working on keeping my head and my hips low and I was told by some college coaches that I kept my hands high when I run block. I have been working to keep them closer to my ribs."

The decision to jump into the Big 10 for Nebraska couldn't have had a bigger fan than Klachko. When Nebraska is playing a Big 10 game next year Lincoln will actually be the furthest away school for his family to go to see a game.

"I think that whoever made the decision knew what they were doing when they decided to move to the Big 10. There are great teams to play. The Big 10 network is amazing and I am ready for the competition.

"I won't actually ever play in the Big 12, but other than that it doesn't do anything to my decision. I am in the middle of Big 10 country. The further that my parents probably have to go to a game now is Nebraska.

"I would say that I am six or seven hours from Nebraska and Penn State. I couldn't be more strategically located in the Big 10. I am also six hours from Michigan."

There is a lot of hype going into this season for Nebraska and Klachko says that Nebraska's success this year needs to go beyond wins and losses. Nebraska needs to continue to improve and show that the direction of the program is set.

"I think that a successful season is a season that the team learns and progresses regardless of wins or losses. I think that you can have a good season when you are 0-8.

"You don't need a great win-loss record to have a great season. You need to have general direction of the program going in the right direction, improving and doing well."

The official visit for Klachko might be a little tough because his season is nearly identical to Nebraska's. Still, the offensive line commitments are all trying to make it in for a game in October.

"We are still figuring that out. My season pretty much runs the same as Nebraska. I know that me, Ryne Reeves, Tyler Moore, Dylan Admire and Zach Sterup are going to try and make it for the Texas game."

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