Huskers looking good for official

With football camp approaching, Cyrus Hobbi, one of the top interior offensive linemen in the country is now looking to his senior year. But he's had a solid opportunity to look at a lot of programs. And while there's no official list of favorites, he has a pretty good idea where at least some of his official visits might go.

From Arizona to Michigan to New York. That was probably the last big off-season trip for Cyrus Hobbi, who was heading to New York to see family, but stopped off at Michigan along the way. "It was great. They really know how to recruit you there, and I had a good time," Hobbi said. "The campus, facilities and everything was really nice."

Now that he's back, it's time to prepare for the team camp which takes place before the season. He's both excited about it and dreading it. "Well, we head up to Flagstaff to practice, where is where the Arizona Cardinal practice. So, that's pretty nice," he said. "But it's a lot of two or three-a-days, and for linemen it's not a whole lot of fun."

Hobbi hasn't really narrowed his list as of yet. He's still communication with a number of schools. But when it comes to his five allowed official visits, he is getting a pretty decent idea. "I'm pretty sure I want to go see UCLA, Washington and Nebraska. UCLA and Nebraska for sure," he said. "I haven't figured all that out yet though. We are going to sit down and try and get something laid out."

One thing that Hobbi won't do is look at the biggest games of the season for some of these teams, and jot that date down as the time he'd like to visit. Oct. 16th is a big one at Nebraska as they will host the Texas Longhorns and both teams should be ranked in the top 15 when they match up.

Hobbi said that's nice, but that would probably be the last date he'd want to check out Lincoln. "You go during games like that, you are basically just there. All the attention a game like that gets, the whole recruiting thing gets shoved in the background," he said. "I'm not going to experience a game as much as I am going to learn more about a program that I am interested in. And when there is all that other stuff going on, that might be harder than if it was a game that nobody was really paying all that much attention too."

As far as a decision, that's a long time coming as Hobbi plans to make full use of his visits, and then evaluate the places he's already been. You can infer something from his list of official visits, but Hobbi said that all options he has are still viable. "I'm looking at a lot of schools. More than I can visit, but a lot of schools I want to learn a lot more about," he said. "It will take some time, but it's about making the right choice and not the fast choice. I want to get it right."


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