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It's a visit that David Santos wishes he could have seen the team workout on Friday, but that's the only thing that he wishes was better about his recent trip to Nebraska. Santos is back home now in Houston after driving all night last night and it looks like the end of his recruiting could end a little later this week.

David Santos from Klein (Texas) Collins was up in Nebraska this weekend. Big Red Report was able to reach him on Friday to bring you the latest and now Santos is back home and had good things to say about his visit on Saturday.

"I spoke to you on Friday night," Santos said. "But, I got to see the academic center for the student athletes on Saturday as well as meet their staff. I also got to watch a great Blackshirts video."

Santos was also able to see the Husker Experience Room. The video room had a game day and Heisman Trophy presentation. Santos came away a little fired up.

"The Husker Experience Room was intense. It really got my blood going. It made me want to go ahead and put on a helmet right now and go out on that field. It really got me fired up about seeing a game in Nebraska."

Santos might have pulled the trigger on a commitment this weekend, but it was physically not possible. Husker fans and Santos will have to wait until later this week for the good news.

"Bo Pelini had to leave and go out of town late last week so we weren't able to talk. I am supposed to call him back a little later in the week to talk about things. I am pretty sure that I will commit when we talk."

Santos gives the visit to Lincoln a perfect score. He gives credit to his recruiting coach, and possible future position coach, about being honest about Nebraska and what he would see on the trip.

"The visit was a "10". Coach Mike Ekeler did a great job of letting me know about Nebraska and how it was before I got there. It all checked out. Everything was great.

"All of the people that were there were great. I got to meet some of the players and they were all great. The facilities were unbelievable. It really was a great visit."

It was a long drive for Santos and his family to make, they drove overnight to get there and get home, but he didn't mind the drive and really didn't have anything critical to say about his visit this weekend.

"I couldn't tell you what could have been better. I suppose, if anything, I wish that we would have gotten there sooner to see the players workout on Friday, but that's about it."

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