It's no secret that when you are ranked as high as one Jamal Turner, schools will continue to recruit you, especially when you are committed to a program outside that recruit's home state. Welcome to the reality of recruiting today. It's something that every single high profile commit deals with and something Turner is dealing with now. We caught up with him to see how he's handling it all.

Say it ain't so. Last week a blurb about Jamal Turner was out there that might have had Nebraska fans throwing up a bit in their mouths. It said that Turner was considering taking a trip or two this fall beyond his official visit to Nebraska.

While that was coming out of Turner's mouth last week this week is all about wrapping up the classes he spent all summer taking. The regular classroom work is over, but there are some online tests to take still.

"I just got done with an online class," Turner said. "My summer school really ended on Monday, but my online courses that I am taking are still going.

"I only have the final left to take for those classes and I will take that on Saturday. I will be done with everything. That really took up all of the summer for me."

Turner literally had no summer. While many look forward to some lazy time Turner knew that this was the time to work. This was the time to make the dream possible to enroll early.

"It's fine. I would have been sitting around, sleeping, practicing and stuff like that. I get done with school and we start two-a-days on Monday."

Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston is in a bit of a rut. It's a rut that Turner knows that he can help them get out of. The excitement about this year's team is contagious too and it's spreading during workouts.

"This year it's about the playoffs. I am pretty sure that we are going to get in this year and everyone is pretty excited. Everyone is working harder to get to that goal. My school hasn't been to the playoffs in six or seven years.

"As a quarterback, my goal was probably be better at pocket awareness. I wanted to work on that a lot this summer. As a sophomore I would see the blitz and run. Now, I want to step up in the pocket and throw down the field."

Getting back to the article, last week an article stated that Turner was interested in seeing Texas A&M this fall. Turner admits that he said it. However the reason why might have not been communicated properly.

"I haven't talked to Nebraska at all about it and the trip is really to take it just to go. I have seen it before, but I would just go down there and check it out.

"My mind is on Nebraska. Still, it would be a chance to go down there to watch college football. It's not about going there to see it to change my mind.

"I was serious about there before I made my decision to go to Nebraska. They were my second choice. I am solid to Nebraska. I would just go to watch some college football. I am solid."

Every commitment to Nebraska wants to be in Lincoln for the weekend of the Texas game it seems. Turner is part of that group that is planning his official visit that weekend.

"Tevin Mitchel and I are talking about going to Nebraska for the Texas game. That is the game that we are talking about getting up to see that game. We want to see that game."

Turner is excited about the upcoming year for Nebraska. He knows that the positive attention that Nebraska will receive about their season will help out in another area that will only benefit the team again in the long-term.

"We are looking forward to Nebraska doing good this year. Also, Nebraska using that good season to getting more recruits. That is what recruits look at when you are winning games.

"Recruits will be watching to see how Nebraska does this year, when they get mentioned on national television and also in the rankings. I am looking forward to Nebraska and their offense this season."

Turner's answers to questions are immediate meaning they are genuine. Turner finished up this interview by giving the chances that he enrolls at Nebraska in the spring and why he did all of the work that he did this summer.

"It's 100% (that I enroll at Nebraska this spring). The summer classes, having no summer, that's all about Nebraska and my commitment to them."


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