Fan Day/Post-Practice Notes

Check out some notes from today, following both Fan Day and post practice. Some players here, some not and some that could be soon. And about where some players could be playing in the future. All that and more.

Post Practice Notes

  • ·         On the quarterback race, Bo said it's like every other position race and will be determined on the field
  • ·         On Zac "he looked fine ," Bo said.
  • ·         They are at 104 players due to a player being sick, according to Pelini. The 105th man of the 105-man roster has yet to be determined, but Bo said that it will probably be the player who is sick, a player who he didn't identify.
  • ·         Freshman wide receiver Kenny Bell is nursing a hammy, a good ten days away, Pelini said, and he's  not part of the 105. Also not part of the 105 is junior corner Marcus Mendoza, sophomore linebacker Micah Kreikemeier, redshirt freshman lineman Nick Ash, junior quarterback Kody Spano and linebacker Matt Holt.
  • ·         In regard to Kody Spano, Pelini said he is still trying to get back to 100 percent. He said that was a mutual decision between him and the coaches. He's on schedule in regard to coming back, but he has to get stronger. He said he's really close.
  • ·         In regard to Holt, his career has been cut short due to medical issues.
  • ·         Running back Braylon Heard will not be with the Huskers, apparently soon enough to enroll in Fall. Bo said he's potentially coming in, in January.
  • ·         Sophomore Antonio Bell is now officially a defensive back, which is where he'll apparently remain.

Post Fan Day Notes

  • ·         Talking to Rickey Thenarse, he's anxious for the competition at safety and said that Dejon Gomes is the ultimate playmaker. He said he's a huge addition to that group. Fellow senior Anthony West is loving the move to safety, because he says he's in better position now in this system to make plays on the ball. Rickey also said that the talk about Eric Martin being potentially a bigger hitter than he is, is mostly just that. He said pound-for-pound he's a harder hitter than Martin. But it sounds like Jim Ebke will be doing his best to try for that title this year. Apparently that kid lays the wood.
  • ·         When asked to describe Yoshi Hardrick, the description came up more than a few times that he was Ricky Henry, only bigger. He's that intense. He's that physical. So says Marcel Jones, Keith Williams, etc.
  • ·         Staying on the offensive line, it seems that the guards are working out at both spots, but at left right now is senior Keith Williams and true freshman Andrew Rodriguez.
  • ·         Just from an observational standpoint, Brandon Kinnie is huge. Apparently he's up to around 230 lbs. if you can believe that. He's a monster, and he's definitely approaching the mental preparation with a lot more confidence than he did last year. I remember talking to him last year and you could tell that he was just wanting to get better. He still wants that now, but you can see and hear that he has confidence which I don't think was there last year.
  • ·         Senior Alex Henery still plans on doing both punting and kicking this year. He wasn't thrilled with his consistency last season with punting, but he obviously had a lot of games where it was more about placement than distance. Talking to fellow kicker, sophomore Brett Maher, he is going to try out for both this year as well. He said he's confident enough in both that he'll compete at both. But everyone knows who the guy is.
  • ·         Both Marcel Jones and Keith Williams said that this is the healthiest the offensive line has been since they have been here. It's also the deepest line. A note on Keith: He's not one of these super animated guys in press conferences. He's usually very short with his answers and just not really into it. Today he was as into it as I have seen him. Take that for what you want, but the guy seems honestly jacked about this year. And I don't know when I could have ever said that about him before.
  • ·         Lavonte David, the junior college transfer linebacker, will be working behind Sean Fisher to open up Fall practice.
  • ·         When it comes to who is working where with the safeties, sophomore P.J. Smith reiterated to me something that people have said, but I don't know that we ever really took that seriously. He said that the only place you will ever see or hear about anyone referring to any of the safeties as strong or free, is on the roster or depth chart. He said Secondary Coach Marvin Sanders does not differentiate in the least.
  • ·         One other thing about the safeties, I had asked Thenarse if he thought that the intimidation factor would still be there with the group now that Larry Asante and Matt O'Hanlon are gone. He said it would, no doubt. He also said that it became so obvious over the course of the season last year that receivers were very aware of the Husker secondary. He said the most obvious example of receivers changing things, short arming balls, etc., because of the secondary, was Oklahoma. He said you could pick that game out easily as the one where they knew they had an impact on those guys before the game even began.·         On the preseason poll, Bo said that he doesn't care about that. "I don't concern myself with polls. We are going to get what we earn this Fall," he said.

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