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Maybe one of the best players that is just starting to surface in the state of Louisiana is Quenton Griffin. The two way standout is currently around 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, but according to his coach his frame can easily support another 20 or 25 pounds. That begs the question, which side of the ball is he best suited for?

Quenton Griffin is only a two star, but that will surely rise after some strong summer camp performances. The 6-foot-4 and 240-pound defensive end/tight end from Rayville (La.) recently picked up an offer from the Big Red.

"He picked up a Nebraska offer recently," Coach Bo Barton said. "He's played more of a linebacker/defensive end for us until now. He's such a wide bodied kid. He's 230 now, but you know he'll be 260.

"He runs so well too for being a big guy. He ran a 4.69 at Mississippi State and a 4.66 at Alabama. He's extremely quick, mobile and plays the game hard."

Nebraska likes Griffin as a tight end, but he's a bit of a projection there. He can play the position, but there just isn't a big role for the tight end at Rayville.

"With what we do offensively at Rayville, we don't use the tight end extensively. But, when you have a kid like that you look for things and ways to use him.

"He's either a college tight end or a linebacker in a 3-4 or possibly a defensive end in the 4-3. He fits that outside guy real well. He has great hands, real soft hands."

It's clear that Nebraska is trying to get into Louisiana when it comes to recruiting. They have an edge over most other out of state/conference schools because of the history of some of their staff members coaching in the area.

"A lot of that has to do with John Papuchis and Bo Pelini. Those two guys were in Baton Rouge and I know both of them personally. I trust both of them. I trust J.P. as a recruiter and I trust Bo Pelini as a head coach."

"I think that the fact that they were here for a couple of years and people know who they are helps them out. People knew what they stood for, how hard they worked and they know what the defense was like with Pelini here. It makes a whole lot of difference. I would have no problem with any of my players going to Nebraska."

Coach Barton isn't sure what the count is on the offers for Griffin, but he knows who will be considered and who won't. It's going to come down to some geography and some conference relevance to the area.

"I couldn't tell you. What we have to do is limit it. We don't entertain people outside of the SEC, the Big 12 and some of the minor conferences with some south schools.

"We aren't even thinking about going to Michigan or USC. About the furthest we would go is Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Texas and some other schools.

"As far as offers, he has offers from everyone in the SEC except for Vanderbilt. There's Nebraska, Texas A&M, Oregon State, Oregon, Kansas State and some others. There's a bunch of them."

As far as position, Coach Barton is hearing different things from everyone he talks to. Coach Barton thinks that it's win-win for the school that gets him because of his potential to play a number of positions.

"Different people are saying different things. I think that most like him as a tight end. Alabama likes him as a linebacker. I think that he could go either way.

"You watch us on the field or see him in the weight room he's real easy to spot. I think that he could play in the NFL at either position to be honest.

"He can do it all. He has great hands; he blocks well and runs good routes as a tight end. If you turn him loose as a defensive end and say go get him those tackles have a hard time with his speed and long arms."

Coach Barton said that the Huskers like Griffin as a tight end. He knows that Griffin can play the position and if he didn't have the typical 4.3 athletes that he does at Rayville he wouldn't have a problem playing Griffin out wide.

"I think that Nebraska likes him as a tight end. At tight end, backers are going to have a hard time dealing with him. I wouldn't be scared to play him at X because he can catch and run. He can play."

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