Spring Testing Update

In yesterday's testing, Huskers former and current tested their physical prowess, going through a variety of drills, used to determine where they were at. Here's just a brief rundown of some of the happenings from that day, along with the official results, compliments of the S.I.D. at Nebraska.

Just a brief re-cap of the day that was. Scouts. Lots of them and even a couple of head coaches. Dick Vermeil, Carl Peterson and easily the two biggest staffs there were the Chiefs (5 total I think) and Green Bay(4 or 5).

Shanle, Groce and Kelsay opted out of the usual drills such as 40, Bench and what not. As they did them in the combines, why do them now, eh? All of them though did the individual drills specific to their positions and Kelsay blew up, that meaning he did well.

As for specific results, let me give you an example of how the scouts guard information that really isn't all that secure. I asked one of the scouts, "Hey, do you mind telling me

K.C. Chief head coach, Dick Vermeil attends yesterday's testing

what he just ran?" as I referred to Wilson Thomas, to which he replied, "Yes, I do.".

Anyway, DeJuan seemed to be getting courted by Indy, while Kelsay seemed to be focused on by all and there was a buzz from the scouts about Wilson Thomas, at least from a couple of guys that were timing him in his 40. One looked at his watch after Wilson ran. I think it said, 4.51. It prompted his response, "I know he's better than that."

There are some definite eyes on Thomas, but with his size and vertical (he jumped 37" in this testing session I believe), you can see why.

Diedrick seemed to get some very positive responses and yes, there was some anxious anticipation from the scouts when Thunder ran his 40. I even heard one say, "Better than I thought it would be.".

Best vertical of the day I do believe was from Curt Tomasevicz, who tied his personal best with a leap of 39". I know, it's not pro guys, but it was the best of the day.

I think Thunder's time was the best 40 time of the pro-prospects, but I do believe that Cornelsen wasn't far behind. I think he did well in most of his testing today.

Chris Kelsay did nothing to fault the ranking he has now. I mean, if you believe he belongs at such an such a place on the draft, he did everything to actually improve upon that position. I didn't take too much note of specific scouts talking to specific players,

Patrick Kabongo leaps during his vertical testing.

but as it is, scouts were running the show with players, so it was kind of hard to keep track.

Cody led all bench press marks for the pro-prospects from what I know, putting up the 225 lbs. weight 23 times. The other linemen were all right around there, lifting anywhere from 20 to 22 each.

As for the rest of testing day, a couple notes from the college guys.

As I have already stated, Fabian Washington tied the best mark ever put down on field turf at NU in the 40, running an unreal 4.47 electronic, equaling the mark set by Willie Amos, bettering his own mark by almost a full two-tenths of a second. Folks, that is blistering and Fabian is up to 172 lbs., his ultimate goal before he is done at NU being around 185.

Jemayel Phillips dropped a tenth on his 40, but as you will see from reports on him in other media services and from a piece I will have on him this week, Jemayel is doing fine and as for his weight, he says he's comfortable with his weight right now, but will play at whatever the coaches think is appropriate for him. He sounded in very good spirits and from what said, his issues are being attended to if not completely resolved. It does sound though like he has already put it behind him and is ready to go. He said he wants to start this year if that tells you anything and Cotton said that Phillips is being

Aaron Terpening makes a catch during invidual drills during yesterday's testing.

looked at, at left tackle first and foremost. Ironically though, going back toh his performances, I think Phillips either tied his personal best in the vertical or bettered it as he cleared all the bars on his jump, going 27". He said he's right around 370 right now and though that would appear to be big, Tim Green actually looked much bigger in proportion, so I think it may be an issue, but not as big of one as people are making it to be.

Just a note on Ronnie Smith, just call it a personal observation, but judging by his current size, one would hope he has Barry Sanders-like moves. He's smallish to be certain.

Seppo didn't test, Time Green reportedly tested as did Brandon Greeson. Jermain Leslie didn't test and of course, Curt Dukes didn't test and I don't believe Amos tested either.

Expect the usual suspects to be amongst the top of the list in performances. Curt had his usually good showing, tying his best vertical mark at a whopping 39". I actually didn't see Robin Miller, but am sure he was about, somewhere.

As I sort more of this information out, I will get it on the Inside NU&Recruiting board, but off the top of my head, that's about it for now. Stay tuned for more.

Steve Ryan can be reached at huskerconnection@neb.rr.com or 402-730-5619

Official Results

March 12, 2003 Testing Results

Performance Testing

Top Five Performance Index

Shane Siegel                       DB          2721

Dusty Stamer                       IB            2477

Adam Carriker                      RE          2477

Trevor Johnson                    RE          2474

Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           2450


Top scores in each performance test:

10-yard dash

Dusty Stamer                       IB            1.53 sec.

Cole Biodrowski                  DB          1.55 sec.

Brandon Biodrowski           WR         1.55 sec.

Derek Matteo                        DB          1.55 sec.

Fred Thorne                          DB          1.56 sec.

Seth White                            DB          1.56 sec.

Seth Rexilius                        WR         1.56 sec.

Kiffin Wigert                          WR         1.56 sec.


10-yard dash points

Adam Carriker                      RE          713 pts.

Tim Weltmer                         FB           713 pts.

Chris Septak                        TE           675 pts.

Barrett Ruud                         LB           656 pts.

Matt Herian                           TE           656 pts.


40-yard dash

Dusty Stamer                       IB            4.44 sec.

Fabian Washington            DB          4.47 sec.

Marques Simmons             IB            4.50 sec.


Testing-page 2


40-yard dash points

Dusty Stamer                       IB            775 pts.

Marques Simmons             IB            744 pts.

Fabian Washington            DB          733 pts.


Pro Agility Run

Fred Thorne                          DB          3.89 sec.

Dusty Stamer                       IB            3.97 sec.

Blake Tiedtke                       DB          3.98 sec.

Lornell McPherson              DB          3.98 sec.


Pro Agility Run points

Richie Incognito                   OL           691 pts.

Josh Sewell                          OL           681 pts.

Fred Thorne                          DB          676 pts.


Vertical jump

Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           38.5"

Shane Siegel                       DB          38"

Cole Biodrowski                  DB          37.5"

Josh Bullocks                      DB          37.5"


Vertical jump points

Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           742 pts.

Shane Siegel                       DB          722 pts.

Josh Bullocks                      DB          667 pts.


Strength Testing

Top scores in each strength test:

Hang clean

Josh Sewell                          OL           395 lb.

Jake Andersen                     OL           375 lb.

Tim Weltmer                         FB           369 lb.


Hang clean points

Pat Ricketts                          DB          652 pts.

Blake Tiedtke                       DB          612 pts.

Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           599 pts.



Jake Andersen                     OL           600 lb.

Josh Sewell                          OL           569 lb.

Cory Timm                            OL           578 lb.


Squat points

Jake Andersen                     OL           537 pts.

Dane Todd                            FB           512 pts.

Grant Miller                           FB           512 pts.

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