Practice Notes - Aug. 09, 2010

Check out some notes from today's practice as well as listen to the full post practice audio with the Head Coach.

  • Keith Williams didn't practice today, according to Head Coach Bo Pelini. He said that Williams had a pulled muscle, but could have participated in practice if needed. But they opted to keep him out for today and probably for tomorrow.
  • Pelini said that they are working two main groups right now during practice, which was a shoulder-pad and helmet practice today. Pelini said things are going in a little easier, at least for the older guys. "It's good for the older guys, not so good for the younger guys, because we are a little more aggressive in our install," he said. "We're getting a good mix of getting the older guys reps and getting the younger guys taught."
  • In regard to the 105-man roster which Pelini said after practice today kind of hamstrings the team a bit, the final man, Mr. 105 who he wouldn't identify, will be back tomorrow.
  • Pelini was asked about how deep his team is and if that makes it harder for a freshman to break into the two-deep. "At some positions it's a little bit harder, but our freshman group has done a good job," he said. "Right now I think it's a talented group of kids. I think some of them have really stepped up and done a good job, and some are a little further advances than others. We'll just kind of see how it goes. Time will tell."
  • Talking to Tim Beck, he said he was pleasantly surprised at the progression of not just the top tier of players considering of Roy Helu Jr. and Rex Burkhead, but other players which he said includes basically the entire list of guys at the position. The heat helps competition, he said, and he's noticed how Helu specifically has become a bigger leader than he's been prior. He said that Roy has really stepped up and is trying to lead these younger guys rather than just trying to work on what he does.
  • Talking to Eric Martin, he said this year is totally different for him as he has completely immersed himself in the playbook, studying the defense, learning his keys - everything. He said he's gotten to know it so well he could teach some other teams all about what they do. Right now Martin is at 245 pounds, which is exactly what he's supposed to be at. He weighed himself right after practice and it was 246.5 lbs., but he said you take two pounds off for the shoes. :-)
  • Offensive Line Coach Barney Cotton recalled last year how they were struggling to find a good rotation on the line, simply because they didn't have the bodies with the kind of experience needed to perform. Knock on wood, he likes the potential of the kind of rotation this year, which might allow him to play eight guys during any one particular game. As you may or may not know, Barney has said that he doesn't like rotating at center too much, because of the issues you can have between a new center coming in and the quarterback who was already there.

Post Practie Audio with Bo Pelini


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