Huskers head indoors for first time this Fall

With the heat still hammering down the Huskers went inside and even turned on the A/C. Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach Shawn Watson talked after practice today about why they went indoors and just how some position races are looking right now.

  • The Huskers went inside and for the first time this Fall with the air conditioning on. Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach Shawn Watson said after practice today, that to do what they want at the level they want, it was just a good move. But he also acknowledged that the heat can have an impact. "After awhile, the human body just wears down," Watson said. "That plus we want practice high intensity where we are able execute through the duration of practice. It's smart to come inside. We just wanted our practices more crisp."
  • Niles Paul and Brandon Kinnie have continued to be a focal point of questions in regard to the receivers who could have the biggest impact this year. But as Watson said after practice today, they are competing right now at a pretty high level. "They are competing. They are bringing a high level to the receiver position. They are really competing against a really good secondary and they are making plays," he said. "They are really physical too. Both of them are 225 lbs. receivers who can run."
  • Michael McNeill, at one point a tight end and now sort of a receiver, is also competing, Watson said. But he said it's a bit different. "Mike has a special role. We use him in several different spots, so he doesn't really compete with them for the same position," Watson said. "He's more of an inside guy for us."
  • Ben Cotton, a sophomore tight end with great size, has been looked at as an heir apparent of sorts to McNeill, and also a compliment to current tight ends, senior Dreu Young and sophomore Kyler Reed. One of the chief reasons the coaches thought the move of McNeill would be a plus all the way around was due to Cotton's progression. "Ben is such a good football player. He reminds me of the tight ends I had at Colorado," Watson said. "He can run. He can catch. He can block. He can do everything. We wanted to clear the way for him."
  • Not participating in today's practice was senior offensive lineman Keith Williams, who Head Coach Bo Pelini said might be out a couple of days with a pulled muscle. Also not practicing was junior offensive tackle Jermarcus Hardrick. At practice for the first time this Fall, however, was redshirt freshman offensive lienman Nick Ash, who participated with just a helmet, due to the mandated acclimation period where players have to start off with a helmet and work up to full pads. The rest of the team was in half pads today.
  • The Huskers will resume practice tomorrow and for the first time this Fall, do it in full pads.

Click the following link for the full post practice audio with Shawn Watson

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