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It's hot. It's two a days. Ryne Reeves hits the field with his team mates and will be in full pads for the first time this season. Talk to Reeves and you will pick up on a guy that might tell you that the most wonderful sound in the world is pads popping. He's physical on the field and he talks a physical game. Reeves talks about his upcoming season and the Huskers.

The difference in temperature between a city like Dallas (Texas) and Crete (Nebr.) isn't supposed to only be a few degrees in August, but it is this year. Still, Ryne Reeves is thankful for today and for football, regardless of the temperature.

"Things are good right now," Reeves said. "We are practicing. We are actually in the middle of a heat advisory too. This will be our first day in pads. I am really looking forward to it."

Reeves is a player that on offense there might haven't been a lot that needed to change, but after having only played defense for a year he knows what he wants to do better on that side of the ball.

"I guess on defense, because last year was my first year to play both ways that I just wanted to get better on that side of the ball. That was a big emphasis for me this summer.

"On offense, I had a tendency of getting on my toes. It was really me trying to get under a person's pads and exploding up through them, I was just going too fast. I want to stay on my in-step and not raise up."

The two teams in Reeves' life right now are the Crete Cardinals and Nebraska Cornhuskers. Both should have a chance for solid seasons this year and Reeves is saying the Huskers could be in title contention.

"I think that this year could be very good for them. I think that they could really compete for a national championship this season. Their schedule is favorable for them too when it comes to making a run at it."

Nebraska has a chance to take the money, or trophy, and run this season as they exit the Big 12 and head to the Big 10. Reeves is in favor of the move by Nebraska to the Big 10.

"I am excited to play in the Big 10. There are some great teams, great places to play and great stadiums in the Big 10 that I am looking forward to like Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan.

"It's equally exciting to get a chance to play those elite teams in the Big 10 as it is to play the elite teams in the Big 12 South. I like the move for Nebraska to join the Big 10."

Being from Crete, Reeves is going to try and be at every home game this upcoming season as an unofficial visitor. His choice for an official visit is the same as all of the other commitments right now.

"My plan right now is to make it to every home game as an unofficial visitor and then of course make an official visit. I am looking at the Texas weekend for the weekend of my official visit."

If there is a strong nucleus in the 2012 recruiting class it might be with the offensive linemen. Reeves and Tyler Moore were the first two commitments in the 2012 class and have had players such as Ryan Klachko and Zach Sterup follow their lead.

"I think that we have a really good class right now, just the four of us. I know that Nebraska is still going after one more guy and that they are in on some good ones. I have looked at them online.

"I am getting close to Ryan Klachko and Tyler Moore and we talk quite a bit. We have been on campus together already and met. We really do all get along really well."

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