Settling in

This summer hasn't exactly gone the way that Mike Shoff planned. The knee injury definitely wasn't in the plans and now it still hangs over him as two a days start up. Shoff is dealing with the injury as best he can and coming back, albeit coming back slowly. At the beginning of next month juniors can start fielding calls and receiving offers. Shoff likes his chances of picking up one or two

Mike Shoff is getting settled in. The one-time standout at Sutton (Nebr.) has now moved over to Cambridge (Nebr.). In fact, he just moved last weekend.

"Things are good," Shoff said. "We actually moved last weekend. It was a pretty hot weekend to move, but we are all settled in now."

Shoff, possibly the top in-state prospect for Nebraska in 2012, is also still recovering from a knee injury. He doesn't know what the injury exactly is, but he coming back from it.

"I am having to take it a little slow. I am able to do a lot of the straight line running, but I can't do a lot of the movements from side to side.

"I don't know what the diagnosis was, what it was called or what was affected in my knee. I am just doing what the doctor says to do and wearing a brace."

Despite the injury the recruiting attention has been pretty constant for Shoff who is getting mail from all over the nation. The main attention though is coming from Nebraska and other Midwest teams.

"Well obviously Nebraska. I am also hearing from UCLA, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State and Colorado. I would say the entire Big 12 North with the exception of Missouri, Iowa and UCLA."

Juniors can officially pick up written offers on September 1 and Shoff thinks that there is a chance that he could get one or two. He knows that some teams are looking forward to calling him.

"I think that I may, I don't know. I have gotten some mail from schools saying that they will be getting in touch with me on September 1 and to look for their call.

"The schools that have told me that they will be calling me are Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State and UCLA. It's the first day that they can call, but I am hoping for an offer or two."

In some circles there is talk about Shoff being an offensive line prospect. Yes, he plays both ways, but he believes that his bread might be buttered on defense. Still, he's staying open to what coaches have to say about which position to play.

"I do play both sides of the ball in high school. I play tight end on offense actually, but mostly I am getting recruited to play defense. Nebraska has mentioned playing offensive line.

"I kind of have my heart set on playing defense, but that's mostly because I think that I am better at it. I will do whatever the coaches feel is right for me and the team in the long run."


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