Weekend Practice Notes

Check out the post practice notes for today's practice as the Huskers get a couple of new players to the 105-man roster, and Head Coach Bo Pelini talks about the first big scrimmage of the Fall practice.

  • Redshirt freshman Lazarri Middleton is now part of the 105-man roster. Head Coach Bo Pelini said that he wasn't sure if the cornerback was the person brought up as a replacement for sophomore DT Faron Klingenhoefer who is out for the season, but said that he has been added to the 105.
  • Back on the 105 is wide receiver Kenny Bell, who practiced today for the first time
  • Bo Pelini had commented earlier in the week that there was a player who was sick, and wasn't at that time, part of the 105. He said that was sophomore defensive back Brent Moravec who is now practicing with the team.
  • The team conducted around an hour-long scrimmage today, and Coach Pelini said that they continue to make progress."Saw some good things on both sides. Saw some sloppy things - about where I thought we would be right now, which was not good enough to play championship football yet, but that's why we are in camp, that's why we are practicing," he said.
  • Pelini said that his expectations going into a larger scrimmage like this are obviously for perfection, but with the understanding that, that isn't what you are likely to get. "As a coach you want it to be perfect, but obviously it wasn't," he said. "But you saw some good things on both sides. When you see something good on the offensive side, obviously you don't like it on the defensive side and vice versa. To me it's an evaluation. Everyone got reps out there and we just learn something and progress from here."
  • Pelini said that if anything stood out, it was a lack of the kind of efficiency on defense he would have liked to have seen. "I just thought overall defensively, I saw some sloppy tackling, (and) our protection broke down a little bit a couple of times. The quarterback play was pretty good. I thought the running backs ran hard. I saw good things on both sides (but) enough sloppiness, which is to be expected in a first scrimmage. That part of it I don't like. I wish we were a hair sharper, but I'm realistic to know that we have only been practicing a week now."
  • When asked about the defensive line and the competition, Bo actually brought up Chase Rome, the true freshman defensive tackle. "He's been repping with the ones and twos. He's definitely in the mix right now," he said.
  • Bo also said that they are pretty "well-manned" at left tackle with redshirt freshman Jeremiah Sirles and junior Jermarcus Hardrick. He said they have a lot to work on, of course, but he genuinely seemed please with where they are at, at that position.
  • Two players graduated today, that being Mike Smith and Michael McNeill. They gave McNeill the day off to be at the ceremony and with his family.

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