Not official...yet

Has Kavario Middleton made a decision about where he will transfer? Yes. Could that decision possibly change? It could. For the time-being though, things look like Middleton will become a Husker in the near future. That said, Nebraska wasn't his only option. Still, Middleton felt the best place for him on the field and off it was in Nebraska because he admits he had to make a change.

Kavario Middleton might be getting a new home, but it's not a done deal yet. This is also not something that is going to be easy either. Washington was the home school. It is a place where he has a lot of friends. He now needs to start over at Nebraska.

"It's going to be a new experience," Middleton said. "Nebraska does have a great program. I really got a long with the coach that I was talking to out there, he seems like a real no non-sense guy and I need that right now."

Middleton is a bit like a junior college transfer/grey shirt, to find a correlation for Husker fans that's easy to understand, and will be coming to Nebraska this fall on his own dime and then becoming part of the 85 scholarship roster in January.

"It's kind of like a grey shirt. When I get up there I will have to pay my way the first semester in the fall and in the spring I will be able to join the regular roster and be able to play the fall of 2011 at Nebraska."

Middleton brings size and experience to the table for Nebraska. A 6-foot-5 and 250+-pound tight end sounds a lot like a certain junior college tight end that failed to qualify this past year for Nebraska. That's where the comparisons end.

Middleton was a U.S. Army All-American out of high school and played his first two seasons at Washington. As a freshman, Middleton caught 12 passes for 82 yards and as a sophomore caught 26 passes for 257 yards and three touchdowns.

"I feel like just bringing that DI starter experience from my time at Washington will help me and the team at Nebraska. I know what it takes to get on the field. I won't have a problem adapting from Washington to Nebraska.

"I think that as a tight end and what I can do physically is that I bring a bigger body than what they're used to. I know that Nebraska will find ways to use me when it comes to that. I will be a good presence for Nebraska with my blocking and catching."

Middleton did have other teams in the picture for his services after he was kicked off of the Washington team for undisclosed reasons. "I was considering Tennessee, Montana and Nebraska. Those were really the only three schools I was looking at."

What might be a little interesting is the fact that Nebraska is set to start a home and home series with Washington starting this year when Nebraska travels to Seattle on September 18th. Middleton says that he has already thought about that game in 2011.

"I am already looking forward to it. I want to play that game right now. It's a great atmosphere at Nebraska when it comes to college football and I know that it will already be a big game for the fans there. It's going to be interesting for me considering Washington is where I went, my home state school and all of my friends still on the team."

The transfer isn't official, but it could be in the coming days. Middleton says that things are in motion when it comes to the transfer and now it's really on Nebraska to get back to him about being accepted for the transfer.

"I signed all of the paperwork, that's in motion, and it's just a matter of it all being squared away now. It's really back on them to tell me if I can come in. It's a compliance thing. I just need to be accepted.

"Once I get accepted to Nebraska I will be in Lincoln before classes start. I hope to hear from Nebraska in the next day or so and I would say that in the next few days that I will be on my way to Nebraska."

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