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Daniel Davie is going to try his hand at running back this year. He will be listed as a running back, but he's not going to be just playing running back. In fact, Davie is going to be all over the field for Beatrice (Nebr.). Davie plans on getting some time at running back, wide receiver, safety, cornerback and also as a returner for punts and kickoffs.

Daniel Davie has been working this summer trying to get ready to play another position. At running back, he won't just need that straight line speed that he permeates, but also cutting ability, vision and lateral movement.

"I have been working a lot on lateral speed since I am playing running back this year," Davie said. "I have also been catching passes too, but I have been really working on getting ready to play running back.

"I will play running back and I will be listed as a running back in the program, but I will be moved around too. I will play some wide receiver where I have been working on some screens, some jet routes and other deep routes. They will be moving me all over."

On defense, for now, Davie will be found at just one position. The plan is that Davie will play the centerfield position against all opponents until there is an opponent that it's too valuable to not take away their top receiver.

"It's going to be strictly safety to start out with. That is until we go against a team that has a really good wide receiver. Then I will take them man to man."

Davie was really on the up-tick when it came to getting offers and recruiting popularity before he committed to Nebraska. Since the commitment there haven't been any new offers, but there is still a lot of mail coming in.

"I haven't picked up any more offers, but there is a lot of mail. It's really hasn't slowed down at all to be honest, but I don't care. I am committed to Nebraska and that's where I am going.

"I am getting the most mail still from teams like Kansas State, Iowa State and Iowa. They are all recruiting me still very hard since I committed to Nebraska this summer."

Nebraska comes in with high expectations and Davie, being a projected wide receiver for Nebraska, is going to be looking at some things to see the improvement.

"Offensively I think that they really just needed to spread it out a bit more than what they were doing with a lot less multiple tight end sets, more zone read and trying to get the ball to the outside. I would like to see them try and get the ball to playmakers on the outside like Niles Paul."

It's still a bit uncertain what position that Davie will play at Nebraska. The staff likes him as a wide receiver right now, but it's possible that he will end up in the secondary.

"The staff really wants the ball in my hands because of my speed. They did tell me that if I move to defense that they will be putting me back to return punts and kickoffs. That's fine with me."

The 2011 class really has a lot of promise right now particularly on the offensive side of the ball. Davie agrees and sees the potential that is there as a class at certain positions.

"At this point the class is looking good. You have quarterbacks like Jamal Turner and Bubba Starling who are both great athletes and quarterbacks. There is also a great offensive line class coming together with Tyler Moore.

"Still there are targets out there that you hope that Nebraska gets like another offensive lineman, another receiver and of course Aaron Green. I talk a little with Ryne Reeves since he's in-state and Facebook with Turner and Moore."

Davie is unsure at the moment which game he will be in for an official visit, but he does plan on making as many of the games as he possibly can this season being that he is just minutes away from Lincoln.

"I would like to say the Texas weekend possibly, but I am not sure that it's going to work out with all of the other commitments wanting to come in that weekend and other big target recruits. I should be able to make it to all home games one way or another."


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