Houston OL will visit Nebraska

Sometimes there is a need to look around after a commitment to make sure that the best decision has been made. That is the exact situation for this lineman from Houston. After committing to Rice the offers continued to come in and now he needs to be sure that Rice is the best situation for him. Who are the schools that he's interested in visiting?

Givens Price from Houston (Texas) Taylor and his team have been dealing with the Texas heat in a bit of an uncommon way. Many just want to stay out of it all together. The Taylor team gets right into it and uses it for conditioning.

"I am doing good," Price said. "We had been practicing during the day. The heat doesn't bother us because it's extra conditioning and we just love the heat."

There was an injury this summer that slowed down working out for Price, but after healing up he has been a leader in getting his team mates together to work this summer.

"The summer was good. I kind of sprained my foot at the beginning of the summer and I was able to start working again some time in July. It was good though.

"I got the offensive linemen to start working with me this summer. I wanted to improve on my quickness and also improve on my hand placement. As a team we wanted to get better as a unit."

Nebraska might have just one spot remaining for an offensive lineman in the 2011 class and it's always a good sign that you are a final target when you set up an official visit. Price is set to see Nebraska in September.

"I am a Rice commitment, but I will be making some trips. I am taking a trip to Nebraska on September 25th. I believe it's for the South Dakota State game.

"I am still good on my commitment, but I just wanted to check out some schools. I want to see the facilities at Nebraska and meet the players. My coaches have told me about Nebraska.

"I also want to get to meet the coaches at Nebraska. I have spoken to them on the phone and they are real cool people. They have told me about their facilities."

There is at least one other school beyond Nebraska that Price will look at. He doesn't have a visit set up there yet, but says that he will make a trip there for sure.

"I would say besides Nebraska that I will take a look at Baylor. I don't have a visit set up to there yet, but I plan on making one. I don't have any other visits set up."

Price figured before the summer that he was better working at the right tackle position. Through some work this summer though he feels that he might be better suited to play left tackle now.

"I have been working at playing all of the positions. I think that I was better suited for right side, but as I have been working I think that I can play left as well.

"I think that I can run and pass block, but I think that I am a much better pass blocker because we pass a lot. I think that we will become a better running team this year."

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