Onwuasor knows of a few visits

Patrick Onwuasor has an idea of what it will take to play division one football. The 6-foot-0 and 175-pound Onwuasor saw first hand last year what hard work leads to when he saw Shaquille Evans put in the work that led to signing with Notre Dame. Coach Khalid Ali from Inglewood (Calif.) says that the Onwuasor and Evans are similar that when it comes to putting in the work.

Nebraska is looking for at least one more wide receiver in the 2011 class. The Huskers were able to dip into California last year and get Quincy Enunwa and have their sights set on another this year from Inglewood (Calif.) named Patrick Onwuasor.

"It's a blessing having him on our team," Coach Ali said. "He works hard. He didn't take a lot of time off last spring. He's followed a pattern that Shaquille Evans set.

"They grew up in the same neighborhood on the same bock just two doors away. He was more like a big brother to him. He has a different set of skills, but the work ethic and performance level he patterns himself after Shaq."

Coach Ali says that Onwuasor's strengths as a receiver on the football field actually translate to strengths on the other side of the football as well. Basically if you get the ball in the area of Onwuasor he is going to come down with it.

"I think that he has very good ball skills. He has very good hands. I mean he has very sure hands. He just doesn't drop the football. Yesterday in practice he had a one-handed interception. He has very big hands."

Onwuasor plays both ways for Inglewood, as well as plays special teams, and Coach Ali says that Onwuasor is getting recruiting attention on both sides of the ball. There might be a personal preference for Onwuasor though.

"He plays both ways for us and some schools are looking at him to play defense. He's a kid and most kids want to play wide receiver though. For the good of the team he's playing safety for us as well and special teams."

There have been recent conversations between coach and player when it comes to his recruiting. This is not a decision that Onwuasor is going to rush or take lightly.

"Last weekend we spoke and he wants to take all five of his visits. We were talking about the responsibility of this decision and going somewhere for four years that you need to make an educated decision and not an emotional decision.

"He got offered by Arizona two weeks ago and I know that he's going to make that trip and also one to Nebraska and to Hawaii. He is leaving the other two open, but those three he will visit for sure.

"He doesn't have any visit dates set yet. He only knows of those three schools that he wants to visit, but he doesn't have any visit dates set yet."

Coach Ali says that he knows that Onwuasor is looking for good academics when it comes to college, but he also knows that getting out and seeing another part of the country is high on Onwuasor's list as well.

"Of course he knows that academics are important, but he's also talked about getting into a new environment; something other than Los Angeles. He's Nigerian and I don't think that he's traveled a lot within the United States.

"I don't think that he knows about the different cultures, climates and anything else outside of how things are in Los Angeles. I think that he really wants to see that and experience that."

One school that will definitely contrast Los Angeles is at Nebraska. Coach Ali knows that Onwuasor likes the move that Nebraska is making to the Big 10 and also that the environment at Nebraska would be very good for him.

"I think that Nebraska is a very good opportunity for him especially with them moving to the Big 10. He was very excited for Shaq because he got to play in the Big House in Michigan.

"I think that Nebraska will be a good environment for him, but that is something that he will have to see. Coach Marvin Sanders has been the recruiting coach and has been doing a great job with him."

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