Strength in Numbers

It's Tuesday of game week before the first game of the season. Expectations are high for Nebraska this year. There is talk about a Big 12 title and even bigger words like National Championship rolling off the lips of some. Are the Huskers ready despite not naming a starter at quarterback?

In any other year not having a clear starter would be a quarterback controversy, but this year it's different. This year it's different because the play of the quarterback position last year was at times great and at other times questionable. There is also some excitement about the younger guys behind the incumbent.

So instead of a controversy this year Nebraska will enjoy strength in numbers.

Yes, it's something that as a fan you might be uncomfortable about. Trying to read the tea leaves in Lincoln is hard to do, but some people are trying to when it comes to the battle at the quarterback position.

The most common translation that people come up with is indecision. The perception of the fan is to say its indecision because a decision can't be made because there hasn't been one quarterback that has emerged as the leader or as the guy.

Is that fair?

The simple answer is no because like missing the forest for the trees the flip side of not having one guy emerge as the leader or the guy is that multiple players have emerged and could possibly be the guy.

Talk about a change in dynamics.

I think what people should start preparing for this year is not necessarily seeing who is going to come jogging off of the sideline for the first series every week, but to check the number who is under center of every snap of every play.

I would expect a rotation of sorts. Some people will find this as running packages for the players on the field and I expect to some extent that is correct. But, it's also about finding out what is working that day against a particular defense.

That was just something that Nebraska was unable to do last year particularly in the last half of last season after injuries to the top two running backs. It's also a freedom that Nebraska can take advantage of to take some of the pressure off of the running backs that will undoubtedly be the work horses of the offense again this year.

What each player on the field is better at than not is going to be very, very clear. Zac Lee is of course the passing quarterback. He, outside of Kody Spano, has had the most time in the system and has the most starts and playing time under his belt.

Behind him though are some talented players. You look at Cody Green who started twice as a true freshman, got some good time and has tremendous potential. Beyond Green there is Taylor Martinez and if you thought Green was the runner of the quarterbacks then you haven't see Martinez.

What you want to see happen though from all of the players is better command of the offense even if it's a subset that's been carved out for their particular skill set to run. You want to see game, team and clock management. You want to see his team mates respond favorably to their quarterback.

Nebraska has some time to really come to an answer and there might not be a time like a game against Western Kentucky and even Idaho to get a better understanding about who the guy is going to be even if it's just for a majority of the time.

The bottom line to remember when it comes to the quarterback position is always check the number of the jersey on the field. It might not get to a situation where one is running on and one is running off during a series of downs, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Nebraska actually has a strength at the position this year despite not being able to name a starter. It's not a deficiency that one player has emerged as the starting quarterback. It's only a strength that an abundance at a position, that only plays one player at a time, are ready to take the field.

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