Electric Night

There was something about Saturday night just watching the game as a PPV from the confines of your own home. The audible level in the stadium was louder than I had heard before over a television broadcast. I had thought that it was the way that the microphones were set up that night, but Daniel Davie said it was the loudest he had heard in a while and he thinks he knows why.

There weren't any official visitors on Saturday night, but there were some unofficial visitors in the seats. Daniel Davie, a 6-foot-0 and 185-pound wide receiver/defensive back from Beatrice (Nebr.), was there and said it was an electric atmosphere in Lincoln.

"I was at the game Saturday night," Davie said. "It was (loud). To be honest, I think that it was the whole Taylor Martinez thing; he electrified the whole crowd. It was ridiculous when he came out on the field."

One might have thought that the atmosphere and the butterflies that had to come up for a redshirt freshman might get the best of Martinez. Davie said Martinez explained his calm demeanor at the end of the game.

"He's just a confident guy. I read his interview after the game and he just said that he has been making plays his whole life and because of that he didn't feel weird about anything.

"The fact that he's been doing it gave him the confidence to go out there and do what you have been doing and do what you are good at and that's running and throwing the football."

The offense in the Holiday Bowl against Arizona was pretty much unstoppable. The offense on Saturday night was that same offense on steroids. Davie says there are a lot of big offensive weapons for Nebraska.

"I think that the offense has taken a huge step since last year and not to take anything away from Zac Lee and Cody Green either, but Taylor Martinez is definitely the guy. I think that he will make the offense tick this year.

"Not just Taylor looked great though. I think that Niles Paul, the rest of the receivers all looked great. I thought that Rex Burkhead and Rey Helu looked great. I am excited to watch the offense this year."

The mobility of a dual-threat quarterback opens things up, but Martinez is opening things up, squared with his mobility. Even if they can contain him on a play or a night Davie knows how those nights go with players around him.

"What it's going to do is put spies on him or keep guys closer to the line of scrimmage the whole game and that's going to open up things for the other players on offense. Do what you are going to do with him (Martinez), but someone is bound to have a big game with people keying on him."

Davie is doing similar things for his Beatrice team when it comes to leading them offensively. He's doing it defensively as well and he would be doing it on special teams if they would give him a chance.

"We won 27-7 and that is the most important thing right there. I had about 120 yards rushing and two touchdowns. I also had a 75 yard reception for a touchdown and an interception.

"I do kick returns too, but I haven't had one kicked to me yet this year. They either kick it out of bounds or on-side it. On Friday they were squibbing it, but I am back deep with two up guys.

"They told me to shift up the middle of the field and I got my hands on the ball. I was able to return it about 30 yards, but beyond that no one is going deep to kick it to me. I have to go and get it."

Davie plans on making it to every home game for Nebraska, but he isn't sure when he will be taking his official visit yet. He knows there will be some important people in town for the Texas game next month.

"I will be in Lincoln for the Idaho game. I don't know when I will be taking my official visit though. I know that Nebraska will be bringing in a lot of high profile players that are not committed yet.

"They need to do what they need to do to get those guys in this class. I will still go to the game and visit unofficially, but I probably won't take my official visit that weekend so Nebraska can work on the other recruits."

Davie has been told that he is being recruited as an athlete. He could play receiver on offense or possibly safety on defense. Davie is on the fence now about what he would like to do in Lincoln despite having favored playing defense all summer.

"I am actually having some mixed emotions about that. When I see Martinez and Paul doing their thing I really want to go out there and score some touchdowns and be part of the offense.

"But, then I see the Blackshirts take the field like Prince Amukamara and Dejon Gomes and I just get fired up to play defense. I am really right in the middle right now."

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