NU Teleconference Notes

Check out some brief notes from today's Big 12 Teleconference as Head Coach Bo Pelini talks about the 49-10 win over Western Kentucky and looks ahead to Idaho.

·         On the circus he was trying to avoid by naming Martinez earlier in the week, Bo said he was wanting to avoid Martinez getting the attention, but also he didn't want the other quarterbacks having to deal with that either.

·         He said that when it comes to all three quarterbacks, he likes their situation, because he doesn't feel they have to change the offense much to adjust to all of them.

·         On Lavonte David, Bo said he's very instinctive. He said he "gets it", which is a positive, because even though he feels he earned what he got, he was thrown in the fire pretty quick and responded well.

·         Bo said many of the defensive issues were mostly alignment and communication. He said they anticipated that because of the loss of experience from players like Sean Fisher and Will Compton, both starters at linebacker

·         On Ciante Evans playing as a true frosh, Bo said he's practiced well, learns from mistakes and he has a bright future

·         On the biggest difference now versus when he arrived being depth, Pelini said he thought it was a big one. He said that was a big reason for their rationale at quarterback. He said it makes practice more efficient.

·         He said that when he first got there, they had to play who they had in some cases.

·         Bo said that the front four played well on defense, but losing the quarterback on defense (Will Compton) created some issues. He said he wasn't real concerned, because he said it was easily fixed. He said he knew going in that there were going to some rocky times in that game because of that. The late change with Compton was a factor.

·         Again on Taylor, on what Bo may have learned about him on that game, he said he has great upside, and he said he has a real steady and mature approach. He doesn't believe he gets too nervous.

·         On the offensive line, Bo said he thought they did some good things. He said they played a lot of guys, got some reps for a lot of players, some actual game action. When it comes to being physical, he said they could have been more physical, but he saw some positives in that aspect.



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