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I sat down and had a conversation with Alec Simpson, a 3 star recruit out of Palisades, CA. And by sit down, I mean a conversation through Twitter. Let me tell you though, after talking with him I’m excited to have him come play for the Pack. You should be too!

Silver & Blue Sports: Why Nevada? You had interest from schools like UCLA, Oregon, Cal, BYU etc.

Alec Simpson and his mom.: Yes I did. And Nevada felt like home away from home. It's a special place. Coaching staff is family and the whole team is a brotherhood. I love the culture of the University and they have my exact preferred major in broadcast journalism.

I also know that Polian will not only make me a better football Player, but also a better man as well

SBS: That's great to hear! When you come to Nevada, what role for the team are you going to fill?

AS: Coach Polian and Coach Boone feel they would Like me at the mike or will linebacker spot.

SBS: You going to redshirt or play as a true freshman?

AS: I'm going to be playing as a true freshman I want to make an impact early and ball with my brothers!

SBS: Your senior season is coming up, what are your goals for your last year in high school?

AS: My goals are to Lead my high school team to a CIF city section championship and win the western league as well make all state again.

SBS: My brother is a coach in northern ca. I hate the ca playoff setup. Lol

AS: Haha it's crazy man lol.

SBS: Yeah it is.

SBS: Biggest sports idol growing up?

AS: Biggest sports idol growing up definitely Brian Urlacher because He has such A big heart and plays every down like it's his last.

SBS: Obviously getting your degree is a top priority but beyond that, what you some of your goals on the field when you get to Nevada?

AS: I want to win a Mountain West championship at the university of Nevada as well as put us on the map and become a top 25 team in the country.

SBS: In my opinion those are all obtainable goals. What other sports do you play, besides football?

AS: I played lacrosse and hockey for years but I only focus on football now.

SBS: Any you enjoy watching as a fan?

AS: I enjoy watching hockey and basketball for sure I'm a huge LA kings fan. Huge.

SBS: The Kings won the Stanley Cup last year, bet you were pretty pumped up about that.

AS: Hell yeah I was I run up And down my street saying "we won the cup" lol.

SBS: Besides being an all-pro NFL linebacker, do you have any plans after college?

AS: I plan on getting into the broadcasting industry preferably in sports and working my way up the ladder

SBS: So one day you'll be calling a Nevada football game from the press box at Mackay for ESPN?

AS: Yes sir I will be!!!

SBS: Ha! That's awesome.

SBS: Anything you want Pack fans to know about you?

AS: I play every down like it's my last, I play with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, I love this game more than anything, and I can't wait to cause havoc on defense for the Wolf Pack!

SBS: And we can't wait to see you in Silver&Blue! Thanks Alec for your time.

AS: As always, Go Pack!

Alex and his mother.

Alec has what it takes to come in and be an immediate impact player. The fact that he has decided to come to Nevada over other schools such as UCLA, Oregon & BYU should not be lost on us. I think he may be underrated as a 3 star recruit, but that’s not my job to rate them. I do believe he will be an impact player and we will see his name called at Mackay often for the next 4 years. After talking with him, he has his head on straight and his heart in the right place. He recognizes that football may not always be there and is taking steps to make sure he has a future no matter what. That’s what I call an OKG!

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