10 Questions with Nick Gregg

Nick Gregg is a local prospect and will be suiting up for the Pack in 2016. This is the next installment in our 10 question series.

Nick Gregg is Nevada’s first commitment from Northern Nevada and has been a standout star at Reed for 3 years. One of his coaches told me Nick plays with more passion, works harder and is one of the most talented players he’s coached. I am excited to see what Nick will do when he trades blue and gold for silver and blue. Here’s his 10 questions and responses:

1. What made you decide to commit to the University of Nevada?

I committed to Nevada because, it was always a dream to play for them. I have watched them play ever since I was younger.

2. What position are you planning to play at Nevada?

I plan on playing DT and maybe a little DE.

3. Xbox or Playstation?

Definitely a playstation type of guy.

4. You’re the first local kid to commit to play for Nevada. What does it mean to you to be able to line up and play in your home town for your college career?

It means a lot to stay local, I feel like the whole northern Nevada community has supported my 4 years in high school football and it will be an honor to play for them now.

5. What do you plan on majoring in?

I plan on majoring in sports science, but that could easily change

6. Reed has made the State championship the last few years, but has always run into Gorman. Now that their old coach is coaching at UNLV, will you enjoy getting some revenge on him when you square off against UNLV?

Yes! I would enjoy to beat Sanchez up at unlv but I would much rather beat him on the high school level.

7. You think Reed will win State this year?

Yes that is our mentality every year, we have prepared much harder than we have on the last 3 seasons. This will be our year.

8. Growing up, who did you look up to the most? Who had the biggest impact on your life?

Growing up I idolized my mother, and I still do. She is such a strong willed and caring woman it's hard to not want to be just like her.

9. Favorite sports team?

My favorite sports teams are the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, and the Oakland A's.

10. Anything else you want Wolf Pack fans to know about you?

Something I want the Wolf Pack fans and community to know about me is that I am very blessed to have been given this opportunity, I will always give 100% no matter what it is, and I will help the team wherever I can. # Gopack

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