10 Questions with Troy Murray

This is the next installment in our "10 questions series". Troy Murray is a very under the radar recruit that I expect will gain a lot of interest as the season progresses. Get to know Troy:

1. What made you decide to commit to the University of Nevada?

I felt like the coaching staff really cared about me as a person. I also felt that, to the staff and Coach Polian, their focus was on the academic success of the players first.

2. What position are you planning to play at Nevada?

Defensive End. But, if the staff think that I can contribute more at another position, I will work hard to excel at that new spot too.

3. What are you planning on majoring in at Nevada?

Community Health Sciences

4. Who was your sports idol growing up?

J.J. Watt is a beast. But, growing up, I really liked Howie Long. He was a standout DE on the field and brilliant off the field as an NFL Analyst.

5. I’d consider you an “under the radar” recruit as you had offers from Nevada & Wyoming, I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of attention this season as other programs realize your potential. What does it mean to you that Nevada recognized your talent early on?

I am “under the radar”, and that is OK. It just gives me the chance to show the Wolf Pack nation what I can do. I am honored that Coach Bill, Coach Rolovich and Coach Polian recognize my potential and my ability to help the Wolf Pack win several MWC titles.

6. Favorite pastime?

Sports and outdoors activities. I have been passionate about football since I was 5 years-old. I’d practice with my older brothers in our yard during football season. My dad ingrained in us that, if we were good at football, we’d be good at anything you choose to do. I also love to be outdoors. I enjoy being in the mountains and spending time on the lake with my friends and family.

7. Who was your recruiter at Nevada? What was the process like for you?

Nicholas Rolovich. The process was great. He visited my high school during a track meet (I jump high jump). He came to see another athlete and saw me jump. I’m glad he did. My family and I had a great visit to campus. I loved the facility. I loved the coaches. I loved campus. I enjoyed meeting some of the players. The staff spent a lot of time reaching out to me and keeping touch through cards and DM’s. It was a great process. I felt that I was important to them.

8. Coke or Pepsi?

Neither. I drink water and Power-Aid. I haven’t drunk soda for over 5 years.

9. What would you consider your best “play” in football so far? Can you describe it for us?

I don’t want to sound conceited. But, I’ve had a lot of plays that got my blood pumping. There is nothing better than de-cleating a Quarterback or running back. This question is like asking a parent to pick his favorite child. Check out my hudl video and choose for yourself


10. Anything else you want Wolf Pack fans to know about you?

I love football. I am looking forward to running with the Pack. I will give my all for my team mates and my coaches. #GOPACK!!!!

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