Brian Polian's Passion Shines Bright

Showing up to the game Saturday at Mackay Stadium, your clothes were more than likely stuck to your body that was drenched in sweat. Football is here.

The Nevada Wolf Pack hosted the Arizona Wildcats on that muggy afternoon. This was only the second time Arizona has played in Reno, the first being in November of 1924 where the Wildcats fell to the Wolf Pack 23-14.

In a sea of white, the Arizona Wildcats kicked off and the game was underway.


It didn't take long for the Wildcats to make some noise. With just under a minute into the game, Anu Solomon made his presence known with a nine-yard touchdown pass to Johnny Jackson. This wouldn't be the first time you would hear from Solomon.

Running back Nick Wilson with the second touchdown of the day made it a 14-0 game barely five minutes in.

Nevada quarterback Tyler Stewart seemed to be having some issues once an illegal formation was called on the Wolf Pack in the end zone. After many attempts, the quarterback was forced to give up sending in kicker Bret Zuzo to put some points on the board.

“It was not an illegal formation,” explains head coach Brian Polian. “I even went over it with the staff.”

With a 28-yard field goal attempt, it was good.

After the first quarter, Arizona sat at 14 points, while Nevada fell behind at 3.

Arizona quarterback Solomon accumulated 77 passing yards and one touchdown. Running back Nick Wilson accumulated 43 rushing yards and added a touchdown to his statistics to finalize the first quarter.


To start off the second quarter, the Wolf Pack had a five yard touchdown pass from Stewart to Jerico Richardson, Brent Zuzo with the kick, it was good.

Nick Wilson continued to do Nick Wilson things with a three-yard carry, touchdown Arizona.

21-10 with 3:56 left in the first half.

This is Wilson's eighth 100 plus-yard rushing game.


Stewart once again has the ball for the Wolf Pack, but after two incomplete passes to Richardson, no dice.

At the 1st and goal line, Nevada received a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, costing them 15 yards to the 50 yardline.

With 10:15 left in the third quarter, the Nevada Wolf Pack were down 27-13.

A lot of back and forth as the clock ticked away. Once the clock landed on 7:57, kicker Casey Skowron attempt at a 45 yarder was not successful, which seemed to be the trend when a previous kick by him failed.

The Wolf Pack were still down 27-13 with 3:56.

I spoke too soon.

The man of the night Wilson rushed for six yards for an Arizona touchdown, and this time the kick by Skowron was successful.

There however was good news for the Nevada Wolfpack, specifically Hasaan Henderson who is now the member of the 1,000 yard club thanks to a 5-yard pass by Tyler.

Arizona leads Nevada 34-13 with 3:30 left on the clock.


While most of the Wolf Pack fans scurried out of Mackay Stadium, we were still here, and perhaps some of the fans were bad luck.

With 10:08 left in the game, Stewart completed a 2-yard pass to Henderson and with another Zuzo successful kick, the score stood at 41-20, Arizona.

From the 46-yard line, Skowron attempts the field goal, and it's good with 3:35 left in the game, the Wolf pack are down 44-20.

Final: Arizona: 44 Nevada: 20

“I let the team down,” explains head coach Brian Polian during the post-game press conference.

“I have earned myself a little bit of a rep, and that's nobody's fault but mine,” adds Polian.”

“I feel early on we didn't salvage well,” explains quarterback Tyler Stewart. “They're defense is there to try and confuse the offense. We picked it up pretty well for the most part --- their defense is there to try and confuse the offense.”

Stewart also said he and the team had some confidence heading into the second half.

“We felt pretty good having points on the board before halftime, and picked up their offense pretty well for the most part.”

Stewart also touched on Polian's passion that seemed to shine through today's game.

“He's passionate, he's there fighting for us,” explains Stewart. “He has to fight for us --- he always says it's an emotional game, you have to have passion.”

The Nevada Wolf Pack gear up to take on Texas A&M Saturday September 19th in College Station. The Aggies are ranked 19th according to the Associated Press.

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