Mountain West Power Rankings

I would have posted rankings last week, but I had some personal issues come up so my apologies for missing week 2. Here is where I see everybody right now.

MWC Power Rankings – Week 3

Air Force – The safe pick is to put Boise State here. But, I was more impressed with Air Force going to Michigan State and having a chance to win than I was with Boise’s collapse against BYU.

Boise State – See comments about Air Force. I do think they will ultimately win the Mountain Division but I think Air Force is playing better football right now.

Hawaii – Only here by default. They did beat a very bad Colorado team. And they have a 2-1 record.

Nevada – It’s hard to complain about Nevada’s 1-2 start. This is where the majority thought they would be. I was impressed by the way they played at Texas A&M.

Utah State – I would’ve put them at 3, but as I was writing this news came out the Chuckie Keeton is done for 4-6 weeks.

San Jose State – I think SJSU is better this year, just not quite sure. We will find out as we head into conference play.

New Mexico – They are improved from previous years, will that translate to wins?

Fresno State – This doesn’t seem like the Fresno State team of previous years. But, Coach Deruyter will likely right the ship.

Colorado State – Lost to a bad Colorado team and a very mediocre Minnesota team the last two weeks.

UNLV – They may be the best 0-3 team in the country. Congrats, Moral Victory University!

San Diego State – I’d put them last but that’s reserved. They get the 11 spot though. Losing to South Alabama, a team that started playing football in 2009 is inexcusable.

Wyoming – San Diego State should be happy that Wyoming is in the conference. They may just be the worst team in the country right now.

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