The Wolf of Virginia Street, Week 28

In most ways you can imagine, the Pack took it on the chin this week. Repeatedly and hard. But we've still got Doug!

The Bullet Points

  • The only real upside Nevada can take from Marqueze Coleman’s absence is getting some early experience playing without him, which they’ll have to do for real next year. And while the team was able to ride an emotional wave to an overtime win at home against Colorado State, that wave broke on the rocks when they visited Boise State. Looking every bit like a short-handed and tired team would look, the Pack was soundly beaten 76-57, their worst loss of conference play since their 22-point de-pantsing at Fresno State. The Pack were repeatedly flustered on offense, unable to get many open looks and handing the Broncos 19 turnovers, which they in turn used to burn the nets with their own 47.5% shooting. Nevada’s “We Don’t Suck Anymore” Revenge Tour will have to wait another year for its true arrival in Boise.

  • And it continued into Saturday’s Senior Night game against New Mexico, when “I really hope Marqueze can play” quickly turned into “We’re screwed if Marqueze can’t play.” The Pack were dominated on the glass and kept at arm’s length with second chance points as their Spanish counterparts from Nuevo Mexico prevailed 71-66. That final score is misleading, as even Nevada’s trimming of a lead that grew as large as 20 points had more to do with the Lobos getting complacent at the end than anything special Nevada did. Every blow dealt against the Pack — both metaphorical and literal, in the case of D.J. Fenner’s eye being swollen shut at one point — felt doubled, the team that had run on grit and determination for most of the season finally starting to look like there’s nothing but fumes left in the tank. I’ll be at the Mountain West Tournament this week, and I’ll be cheering as hard as this team still deserves to be cheered for (which is plenty), but I’m mentally preparing for another loss.

  • After getting its 500th all-time win at Peccole Park on Tuesday against Santa Clara, it was steeply downhill for the Wolf Pack baseball team the rest of the week. Showing few signs of the team that put up 11 runs in one inning against the Broncos, the Pack lost 5-2 in its conference opener at Air Force, and yielded 12 runs in the first inning to the Falcons the next day before losing 18-4. Even Sunday’s game, when the Pack took a 12-5 lead into the ninth inning, couldn’t go into the books because it was postponed due to the team’s travel schedule. That’s the kind of week it’s been all around Wolf Pack Land, folks.

  • And the hits kept coming, when the Mountain West released its full football schedules for all 12 teams on Wednesday, and Nevada’s already hellish September got even worse. A month that already had the team taking two trips to Indiana two weeks apart will segue directly into their road game at Hawai’i opening conference play the following week. It’s like the Mountain West took one look at the team’s opening month and said “We see what you did there! And we raise you another ridiculous road trip immediately afterwards! Have fun with that!” While it’s nowhere near as terrible as opening the season on the road for four straight weeks like in 2011, it’s setting the team up to fail in a similarly baffling way.

  • The one bone the sports gods decided to throw us this week was Doug Knuth’s contract extension getting unanimously approved by the Board of Regents on Friday. So we’ve still got that going for us. Which is nice.

The Beer

Dr. Jekyll’s Beer Belly American Kölsch (Ukiah, California) ~ My (mostly pointless) quest to deliver you a different style each week takes me (not literally) from Germany to California today. An ale originating in the city of Köln (“Cologne” for English speakers), this style gets the hippy treatment from fairly new American start-up Dr. Jekyll’s. Questionable understanding of GMOs aside, they boast of using 99.5% organic ingredients in their beers, including organically grown hops and malts. Their kölsch pours a golden yellow with a moderate white head, and has very faint floral, fruit and bread smells. That mildness continues into the taste, with a broad range that includes subtle notes of raspberry, grapefruit, acai berry, green tea and coriander to go along with light hop bitterness. It finishes dry, and lends itself well to sipping at only 4.5% ABV. Again, the key word here is “mild.” None of the tastes overpower the others — if anything, it might be too mild for some. I have no idea if all those organic ingredients made an appreciable difference in its quality, but I liked it all the same. I give it three and a half tipsy Wolfies out of five.

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