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Letters From Lawlor-#Defended

For the first time since joining the Mountain West, the Nevada Wolf Pack beat the San Diego State Aztecs on Wednesday night. And if that’s not exciting, then I don’t know what is.

The game had its ups and its downs, and it got really rather too close for comfort towards the end. But, the Pack did it; they defended Lawlor.

  •  The Cons:

            I loved every second of Wednesday’s night game. Even those excruciating last four minutes that seemed to last an eternity. (Okay, maybe I didn’t LOVE those minutes. How hard is it to get in the ball inbounds?!) However, as per usual, I have some criticism for the Pack. First off, let’s address the terrible three minutes that were Leland King. After posting eight points and five rebounds in the game in Fresno, King was unable to produce at all here at home. He attempted a few very forced looking shots, before being pulled by Muss and never coming back. Musselman was quoted as saying he needs to play better. Even though the Pack has an extremely short bench, Muss is only letting those who work the hardest any time in the game.

            My second complaint about Wednesday night? The massive amount of three point shots. Don’t get me wrong, the Pack has improved their 3 point shooting by a long shot, and man, they are so much fun to watch. However, it seems the Pack is beginning to settle for sloppy threes that look awful instead of hard earned, in the paint, two pointers. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it continues to happen, and I hear a lot of other fans that aren’t overly pleased with it. On the other hand, if Muss didn’t want the team taking threes, they wouldn’t be.

            And, as I mentioned before, the last four minutes of the game were absolutely excruciating to watch. After being unable to get the ball in on two separate occasions, the Pack finally got it in, only to let New Mexico sneak right back in the game. I swear, I almost had a heart attack. Tears were ready if the Pack threw the game away.

  •  The Pros:

            Now for the fun part. Wednesday’s night game had so many pros, but I guess I’ll start with Lindsey Drew. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lindsey Drew has made so much improvement from last season that it’s not even funny. Against SDSU, he posted seven points, six rebounds, one steal, six assists, and four blocks. He was a defensive force to be reckoned with. You can tell that he works hard, and it pays off. Speaking of working hard, Jordan Caroline had another monstrous game. He posted 19 points, 11 rebounds, and two blocks.

            Another pro of Wednesday night was the chance to finally really see Devearl Ramsey get to play for an extended period of time. He doesn’t seem to score much, but he appears to be a great ball handler, and I know that I, along with a lot of other people, are really excited to see him develop.  And, speaking of exciting things to watch, Cameron Oliver put on an absolute show on Wednesday, highlighted by the tomahawk dunk he made where he seemed to fly out of nowhere, an ESPN top 7. After committing a slew of errors in Fresno, which Musselman publicly commented on, Oliver came back with 17 points, 11 rebounds, and two blocks. While Oliver isn’t yet having the season I expected from him, he may be getting there.

  •  Up Next:

The Pack travels to New Mexico tonight, to play the Lobos in the Pit at 8:15. The Pit is a notoriously hard place to play, and the Lobos have won the last two out of three games against the Pack. However, the Pack is playing it’s best season in quite some time, and they’re hungry for a seed to the Big Dance. This game won’t be easy, and all seven scholarship players are going to need to show up and play their hearts out. Believe me when I say this will be a fun game to watch. New Mexico is favored to win, and you can watch the Pack (hopefully) prove them wrong on ESPN3.

  •  An Afterthought:

            Okay, what is up with the Law of the Jungle? It’s very rare that I arrive to a Pack game early, because, to be honest, it’s very rare that I arrive anywhere early. But, like the good fan that I am, I was there early on Wednesday. And you know what I didn’t hear? The Law of the Jungle! Apparently, it had been played even before I had gotten there, and that’s just way too early. I miss the days of it being played right along with the National Anthem. It was perfect for the starting five, getting the players and the fans pumped. Let’s bring it back!

            On a completely different note, does anybody know what happened to long time athletic trainer Shelly Germann? She has been noticeably absent from the basketball team this season, which seems very odd to be considering she’s been with the university for over ten years, and has been the athletic director for a while also.

  •  The Word On The Block:

“Get outta his house right now.” “ROCK IT LIKE A HURRICANE!” “Now you’re gonna call fouls like that? What’s the matter with you?!” (There aren’t that many this week, Lawlor was LOUD.)

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