Crimson Storm Exclusive w/ Jeff Lucas

Crimson Storm's Lamonte Wilder gets an exclusive interview with Jeff Lucas of St. Edward, OH.

Welcome to NMSU
we are all very happy that your joining our program

What was your favorite memory from your official visit?
I have not taken an official visit yet. I have scheduled a visit for Dec. 2nd when the Aggies play Louisiana Tech. That is the same day as the Ohio High School state championship game. If we make it to the title game, I will have to reschedule, but as of now, I am scheduled to visit on Dec 2nd.

Q2.What are you most proud of from your prep career?
That's a good question and I don't have an easy answer for that. I think I'm most proud of my teammates in my senior class! We've been playing together since our freshman year. During that time we've only lost twice. We lost in the state semifinals last year as juniors, and lost 10-7 earlier this year to the defending Ohio state champs, even though we out gained them by almost 200 yards offensively. We made too many mistakes early in the game and pretty much gave them the victory. Only 2 teams have scored more than 10 points against us this year. We were undefeated as freshman and sophomores.

Q3.Who was your favorite athlete? Why?
My favorite athlete plying now is AJ Hawk. I've grown up an Ohio State fan and love the way he plays the game. My favorite athlete of all time is Tom Cousineau. He played LB for St Edward, Ohio State and the Cleveland Browns. He stopped in at practice a lot during my junior year and coached me individually. Coach Cousineau also stopped in at my game Saturday night and we spoke for about ½ an hour. He congratulated me on my commitment to NMSU. He told me that I would love it in Las Cruces.

Q4.Do you anticipate redshirting your first year at NMSU
I do not anticipate redshirting my freshman year. Coach Mumme indicated that they need immediate help at MLB and I'm coming into NMSU with every intention of competing for a starting position right away. That being said, if the coaches choose to redshirt me, I will commit myself in helping the team in any way I can. I know it is a big leap from high school to D1 football, so they may feel I'm not ready either physically or mentally yet. I will do what the coaches tell me to do and follow their advice. They will know better than me. The success of the Aggie football team is my main concern and I will do whatever it takes to help get the program on the right track, whether I am on the field or not.

Q5.What are your goals for your Aggie career in the seasons to come
My goals are many. I want to first of all help bring a championship to NMSU. My understanding is that it has been a while since New Mexico State has been on top. My goal is to help get them there and keep them there. The fans at NMSU deserve a winner and my focus will be to help reach that goal as quickly as possible. I also want to establish myself as a presence in the locker room and on the field at NMSU. Everyone must be on the same page and driving towards the same goals. I've always played for a winner and refuse to buy into a losing attitude. I also like a family type atmosphere, one where everyone hangs out after practice and keeps in contact after graduation. It's important to me that the team is a very close knit bunch. I also believe in playing a big roll in community activities, especially with the young kids. These things are probably happening now at New Mexico State, which would be great to walk into. I won't come in and try to reinvent the wheel. I'm certainly not considered a "Blue chip" recruit in some places, but I know that winning starts in the locker room and in the dorms. We have to believe we can win every game before we even step on the field. I can tell you right now that my high school teammates and I believe that we are one of the best teams in the country. We go out and play like it every Saturday. I would like to also be an All-American by the time I'm a senior. My dream is to also one day play in the NFL. I know the coaches at New Mexico State can help get me there. The coaches at New Mexico State are a major reason why I am coming down to New Mexico. Without having Coach Mumme, Coach Paterra and Coach Widenhofer there, my commitment may have went a different direction. It is important to keep these guys in place to make sure they instill their values into the team. I have complete confidence that Coach Mumme and his staff will bring a winner to NMSU.

Q6.When do you expect to arrive on campus?
I have scheduled a visit for Dec. 2nd, but that may change depending on how far my high school team goes in the playoffs. The sooner I get down there the better. I can't wait to see the campus. Everyone who has been there says how beautiful Las Cruces is.

Q7. Are you going to any camps this summer
LOL… summer is over guys! The only camp I will be attending from here on out will be at New Mexico State. I am very excited and proud to be a New Mexico State Aggie, now let's go kick some UTEP ass!

Lamonte D. Wilder

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